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  • Not that he consciously prayed.
  • To be consciously existing.
  • She was not consciously selfish.
  • In doing so he was consciously taking a farewell.
  • This was nothing she had consciously sought for.
  • He had never consciously beheld his father.
  • Raf fired without consciously aiming.
  • One of these devices is consciously wrought prose.
  • I was consciously playing on her vanity for a purpose.
  • Both girls looked down consciously at their pretty frocks.
  • This is, that the voice must be consciously controlled.
  • In her sleep she lay half consciously resenting the loss.
  • But I noted nothing consciously at the time.
  • She laughed; rather consciously for Jacqueline.
  • She wasn't consciously trying to pick up Rafe's thoughts.
  • She tried consciously to become a real New-Yorker herself.
  • You do not consciously direct the muscles in their contractions.
  • Probably she has been more or less consciously in my mind throughout.
  • He had advanced on a road where he had not consciously set his feet.
  • Such sensibilities are not consciously known to the possessor until developed.
  • But the consolations of religion were not yet consciously mine.
  • Eugene's manner too was consciously confused.
  • He had at last consciously set out to explore the road of service.
  • One would have to consciously resist this to prevent the filling of the lungs.
  • I do not suggest that anyone consciously adopts a philosophy of this kind.
  • He understands what is said, and begins consciously to repeat it.
  • I do not mean to say that scientific men have this end consciously in view.
  • He entered it consciously as an invader, determined to conquer.
  • The club woman is not radical, or at least not consciously radical.
  • Such a mind can not be called scrupulous, neither is it consciously dishonest.

How To Use Consciously In A Sentence?

  • Desires which are more or less consciously avowed become the motives of history.
  • It is through the medium of the mind that we are able consciously to relate the two.
  • I do not think that our judges and magistrates ever consciously show partiality.
  • The atmosphere in which she was raised had been unmoral; it had not been consciously immoral.
  • This statement implies that the whole brain is consciously and unconsciously in action.
  • When she grew used to doing unconventional things she became consciously scandalous.
  • Only when the lights began to shine from shop-windows did he consciously turn to his own district.
  • Lovers are more reckless, even sometimes more consciously and vulgarly vicious.
  • It was not merely that life had ceased in her, but that she was consciously a dead thing.
  • I mean that my eyes seem to do it without the brain consciously taking any part.

Definition of Consciously

In a conscious manner; knowingly, volitionally.
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