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  • We want no substitutes or conscripts in our ranks.
  • Senatus-Consultus puts 300,000 conscripts at disposal of government.
  • Since the conscripts departed, we have not had a moment's peace of mind.

How To Use Conscripts In A Sentence?

  • The Emperor had a good custom: he did not allow the conscripts to languish at home.
  • There were two conscripts on board my skiff to-day, one an Irishman and the other a Pole.
  • The Reds inflamed their volunteers and conscripts against the invading Americans and the Whites.
  • When that was gone they were mere beggars; but vanity rules all, from the conscripts to the generals.
  • The conscripts had by this time got over their home-sickness, and had caught the martial enthusiasm of their older comrades.
  • Why, all the conscripts of the army for two years could take a vow not to marry," he said.
  • They kept 14,000 local conscripts in the ranks and killed yearly an average of 200 Arabs in maintaining peace.
  • But in the coming spring the French conscripts filled our sacred land like a swarm of locusts, devouring as they went.
  • The men who fought of their free will for home and country had proved more lasting fighters than the conscripts who were kept in the lines by fear of tortures and beheadings and impalements.
  • The new conscripts at first showed a noisy zeal, but they had been torn too young from their home nurture, and had neither strength nor power of resistance.
  • Close the ample doors through which enters the long train of those who stumble to destruction and reel into quick graves, and let the flood overwhelm only the maimed and battered conscripts that remain.
  • Paying back-breaking taxes and furnishing conscripts to-day is almost as bad as being at the mercy of a Greek tyrant with his demands for money and men.

Definition of Conscripts

Third-person singular simple present indicative form of conscript | plural of conscript
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