Consented In A Sentence

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Consented | Consented Sentence

  • Octavius consented to this.
  • He had consented to it all!
  • And you consented to that?
  • In the end she consented to do his will.
  • Sara consented to this amendment.
  • He consented willingly.
  • Teleki consented to that also.
  • Richard consented gladly.
  • He consented to the plot.
  • So he consented and staid.
  • He has consented to be your husband.
  • She had consented to the bargain.
  • Then he consented to anonymous publication.
  • She neither consented nor refused.
  • I have consented to enter into this alliance.
  • He graciously consented to be loved.
  • Molly consented with the utmost enthusiasm.
  • Frederic consented with joy and eagerness.
  • She consented readily enough.
  • So he consented to accompany his bride.
  • You mean why it was you consented so easily?
  • I have consented to keep myself incog.
  • I consented to try it to quiet him.
  • The prince consented to this also.
  • The king consented to receive her.
  • He gladly consented to accompany him.
  • But she worried him until he consented to take her.
  • He had not consented to marry an old lady.
  • And she consented and wore the cactus-tuft.
  • The little grandmother consented reluctantly.
  • Patty consented to be drawn across the threshold.
  • He came down to ground at this and consented to go with me.
  • The earthenware-dealer consented to see him.
  • Herein later students have not consented to follow him.
  • The ghost gladly consented to the conditions.

How To Use Consented In A Sentence?

  • The young man consented with alacrity.
  • He willingly consented to share in my dinner.
  • The king consented and they prepared for the journey.
  • Strumle willingly consented to this last project.
  • He consented to take the boy to the doctor with her.

Definition of Consented

simple past tense and past participle of consent
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