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  • Fancy mother consenting at last!
  • The woman consenting to marriage takes but one.
  • To all which Jove gave a consenting nod.
  • And I consenting heard his prayer.
  • His whole manner was that of a man consenting against his will.
  • Chokichi consenting to this, the pair left the house together.
  • Yet they afterwards accused the Queen of consenting to an unfair trial.
  • I have now to thank Mr. Murray for consenting to this cheaper issue.

How To Use Consenting In A Sentence?

  • But clearly he took her for the same as other women consenting to receive a privileged visitor.
  • He said that his young men had granted a great deal in consenting to spare my life.
  • Can you fancy an English cook consenting to turn out dinners under like conditions?
  • That underneath her dark consenting cloak, He stole unchallenged from his Ariadne?
  • Some powerful Raphael should again appear, And arts consenting fix their empire here.
  • Book I. Jupiter hesitated for some time before consenting to grant the prayer of Thetis.
  • Historians too are lavish in their censures on her for consenting to bestow her daughter on the murderer of her sons and brother.
  • Upon a consenting wink, they rushed to the back yard and pumped to their hearts' content.
  • The salves which he lays to his conscience when consenting to identify Jesus at night are very ingenious.
  • Under its influence, moreover, he felt like consenting to things which without it he would have scorned.
  • The consenting states bound themselves to maintain their demands by force, if necessary; but no declaration of war was issued.
  • What folly, what mistaken religiosity could make him dream of consenting to such a house-mate through this winter which might be his last!
  • Daylight prudence muttered that perhaps, to appear, ten thousand phantoms awaited only my consenting fancy.
  • He certainly did not seem in a consenting frame of mind as he came out to them with the offending letter from Hausmann in his hand.
  • And quitting the subject then, she afterward persuaded him, and not for the first time, into consenting to what she thought right.
  • He expected nothing more than an air of romance, an illusion as of the stage, that might capture the consenting imagination for an hour.
  • It took me a long while to make my peace, but she came round in the end, consenting to attribute my blunder to mere stupidity.
  • Upon her assurance of consenting to it, he told her, my dear, it is only this, that you will never marry an old man again.
  • For the moment he had forgotten his former declaration of poverty, or, at least, his consenting silence, when she had asked him about it.
  • He was, therefore, submissive to her in everything, consenting to every proposal that was made by her, and guided by her opinion.
  • Murdockson hesitated a long time before consenting to engage in an enterprise which, if it promised great profit, also threatened great dangers.
  • The sea itself had a strange, wild beauty, the dark and sullen waters but half consenting to reflect the glow of the clouds on their heaving waves.
  • Beth and Kenneth took one of the automobiles, the boy consenting unwillingly to this sort of locomotion because it would save much time.
  • But as to consenting to be his sweetheart again, sure, goodness knew, Michael could never expect that.
  • Upon my consenting to this arrangement he set off, leaving me free to devote myself to the amusement of Miss Kitwater.
  • Calvin, at Geneva, consenting to the burning of Servetus because of a difference in religious views.
  • Fearful that her reputation might suffer, now her sex was known, I urged her to complete my happiness, by consenting to our marriage.
  • They made her miserable, and at last they worried her into consenting that I should return to my family which had now removed to Colmar.
  • The distance to the house was short, but Mendelssohn's impatience could only be met by his companion's consenting to race him to the door.
  • So it seems that it is all true; it seems that you are using your wealth to harass this unfortunate gentleman and his daughter until you drive them into consenting to this marriage.
  • This accommodation of ourselves to life, it is curious to reflect, is just the consenting to drift without a star which is condemned by all the religions.
  • As there was nothing to be done here, the Spaniards prepared to depart; but before doing so insisted on the people consenting to become Christians.

Definition of Consenting

Giving consent; agreeing to something. | present participle of consent
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