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  • But it is only with the vaster development of commerce that this terrible consequence ensues.
  • To shoot down a traveller seemed of little more consequence to them than to shoot a hare.
  • What was her real fate nobody knows, in consequence of so many pretending to know.
  • The town-major arrived in consequence early in the morning, accompanied by locksmiths and masons.
  • Said she had made a sacrifice, and had Affairs of consequence to settle with me.
  • He was, however, not able to get to sea, in consequence of the blockade by the enemy.
  • The consequence of this victory was the evacuation of the north of Italy by the French.
  • Perhaps the most immediate consequence of such faultless interpretation was the remarkable stillness of the audience.
  • This is the natural consequence of the great fundamental heresy which places reason and revelation in opposition to each other.
  • Many of the biplanes of 1911 had adopted the idea and in consequence began to take on a more modern appearance.
  • In consequence of the immediacy in which it is thus originally, it is in this stage only as an individual and possesses a vulgar subjectivity.
  • And this occurrence of sin, in consequence of his disposing and ordering events, enters into his design.
  • Do they suppose, that when the scale of their consequence is kicked down on one side, it rises proportionally on the other?
  • One consequence of the patriotic chagrin Meredith produced in me was an attempt to belittle his merit.
  • This is a consequence which the logical mind of Melanchthon did not fail to draw from his own scheme of necessity.
  • Delay in delivery of articles sent by post, however, not infrequently takes place in consequence of misdirection.
  • It had made Rebstock a man of consequence and of property and a man subject to the anxieties and annoyances of such responsibility.
  • The consequence was, that the dreams of philosophy, falsely so called, gave place to the clear realities of nature.
  • He had driven out from Dublin instead of coming by train, and arrived in consequence earlier than was expected.
  • As a consequence of this, a lower and more abstract aspect of mind betrays the presence in it, even to experience, of a higher grade.
  • Does he mean that God endeavours to communicate holiness, and fails in consequence of the necessary imperfection of the creature?
  • But Pinocchio instead of returning it, put it on his own head, and was in consequence nearly smothered.
  • For the cellular psychology which I advance is only a necessary consequence of the cellular physiology promulgated by Virchow.
  • The consequence is an explosion; the spirits vanish, and Faust receives an electric shock which paralyzes all his bodily functions.
  • There is nothing surprising in the Sophists having an evil name; that, whether deserved or not, was a natural consequence of their vocation.
  • We may please to do a thing, nay, we may freely will it, and yet a natural necessity may cut off and prevent the external consequence of the act.
  • In consequence of the difficulty of getting his rents, the Earl of Kenmare has decided to leave the country for the present.
  • Of course he is not accountable for the failure of the consequence of his will in the one case, nor for the consequence of the force imposed on his body in the other.
  • Hegel endeavours to guard against the severance of morality and art and philosophy which may be rashly inferred in consequence of his serial order of treatment.
  • His wooden leg stood him in poor stead in such an encounter; he was hurled to the earth and so fearfully beaten that he died in consequence of the bruises.
  • Those who have endeavoured to solve the problem in question have, for the most part, been necessitated to fail in consequence of having adopted a wrong method.
  • He had abandoned it, however, in consequence of some rather biting remarks which had come to his ears respecting the choice and suitableness of his epithets.
  • If we can meet this argument at all, it must be either by showing that no such consequence flows from the scheme of necessity, or by showing that the scheme itself is false.
  • The consequence is that, notwithstanding the splendid verse and the abounding wisdom of the speeches, the personages do not seem to be made of genuine human stuff.
  • The diaphragm of the latter was vibrated in consequence of the varying pull upon its bit of iron, and these vibrations reproduced the sound that vibrated the sending diaphragm.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Consequence | Consequence Sentence

  • What becomes of you after that is of no consequence to me.
  • And now an unforeseen consequence began to arise.
  • And out of all this as a necessary consequence stands avenging justice.
  • The insolence of the Hospitallers became in consequence greater than ever.
  • It was of no consequence that the new arrival called himself Herr Rosen.

Definition of Consequence

(transitive) To threaten or punish (a child, etc.) with specific consequences for misbehaviour. | That which follows something on which it depends; that which is produced by a cause. | A result of actions, especially if such a result is unwanted or unpleasant.
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