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  • And they will conserve your interest in yourself.
  • Wherefore longer conserve the painted palanquin?
  • Germany must reduce and conserve her shell-fire.
  • Yet Charley tried to conserve his strength.
  • Management of Soils to Conserve Moisture.
  • But there was no strong authority to conserve the public good.
  • These will neither renovate nor conserve what is most precious in life.
  • Place three tablespoons of rhubarb conserve in a cocktail glass.
  • Dieu qu'il vous conserve la santé.
  • Boil together a few times, and then pour the conserve into cases.
  • It was only fit and proper that he, too, should conserve his energies.
  • Let us sum up how the various resources may be used to conserve one another.
  • Dios le conserve en su silla tantos siglos como yo deseo de vida para mi.
  • And CONSERVE took his hat and departed.
  • Pleyel au premier rang qu'elle conserve sous l'habile direction de A. Wolff.

How To Use Conserve In A Sentence?

  • They conserve the old spirit of cooeperation between the master and his apprentices.
  • The most important principle is to conserve every particle of moisture in the soil.
  • Thus he would at the same stroke be rid of them, and conserve his rapidly diminishing stores.
  • Neither can the women of a country single-handed conserve this great institution of family life.
  • He extinguished one or two branches of the smoldering wood, to conserve the limited supply.
  • Barrington back into the present, to conserve his energies, to make him a man of action again.
  • His wishes, like prayers, besought the cold winds and frosty nights to conserve it for him.
  • The object of this equipment is to conserve the energies of the teacher and direct the activities of the student.
  • Enough has been said to show clearly how desirable and how possible it is to conserve and increase our fish supplies.
  • If we would conserve the human values of the family we must train youth to a religious interpretation of the home.
  • He will not strive to earn and then conserve his earnings unless he can have them for his own, to control, use and dispose of at his pleasure.
  • The sherbet is composed of water made very sweet with sugar, or with a hard conserve of violets or roses or mulberries.
  • Such intricate matrimonial alliances were not uncommon among rulers, where the main object is to conserve the family prestige.
  • Some people learn quickly how to conserve strength, how to systematize, how to be cheerful and hopeful and to radiate thankfulness.
  • He detested tyrants and usurpers, and sought to conserve such liberties as the Florentines had once enjoyed.
  • First, somehow to conserve the work we have already done in the South where the migration is leaving.
  • So we know that the end is sure, even for the life of man upon earth, unless we learn to conserve our soil.
  • Is it not well worth while, then, from a money standpoint alone, to use every effort to conserve our national health?
  • When not on watch it is customary for everybody to sleep, read, and eat all the time; this is to conserve the stock of air in the boat.
  • To conserve the apple butter for future use: Fill into sterilized jars and adjust the rubber and lid.
  • To conserve these interests, nature, Schopenhauer explained, dupes the individual with an illusion of free will.

Definition of Conserve

(transitive) To save for later use, sometimes by the use of a preservative. | (transitive) To protect an environment. | (physics, chemistry, intransitive) To remain unchanged during a process
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