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  • But now consider what is to be done!
  • Does he consider what he says?
  • I do not consider myself any more your wife.
  • Let me ask you to consider a further question.
  • He will consider it the greatest honour.
  • Let us consider this subject.
  • I will consider about engaging a housekeeper.
  • And we will consider the first hypothesis first of all.
  • But we cannot consider those principles altogether sound.
  • I would ask you, however, to consider my appearance.
  • I consider them unwise, and I know they are dangerous.
  • You then, in time consider and advise! PAR.
  • I consider it as a mark of your lordship's discretion.
  • And what sort of a character do you consider this man to bear?
  • We will now consider the actual mechanical construction of the electromagnet.
  • We may now consider how the operator calls the called subscriber.
  • However, all that is past; we have to consider the present now.
  • As another example, consider a clock pendulum beating seconds.
  • Clearly the time has come to consider how I shall make my exit.
  • We consider ourselves as amateur unpaid precursors of such a class."...
  • Nay, consider what confusion!--pluck up a courage; do, now!

How To Use Consider In A Sentence?

  • But we have still to consider whether education admits of any further division.
  • He had now to consider what was best to do in the short period of daylight that lay before him.
  • Let us consider once more whether there may not be yet another aspect of sophistry.
  • The gentleman rejoined, and entreated him to consider well of it, for he was certainly deceived.
  • Leaving the comparison with Plato we may now consider the value of this invention of Hegel.
  • Now then consider which you like the best, To take the money, or maintain your action.
  • For the tragedy of which I am about to tell I consider that Brenda Scott is entirely to blame.
  • I always consider myself in some degree bound to make you the offer of my compositions when it is possible to do so.
  • We will now consider the grouping of these various elements into a complete working organization known as a telephone.
  • But he is too well satisfied with his own system ever to consider the effect of what is unknown on the element which is known.
  • The value of their work receives a high estimate, when we consider the scanty means with which it was performed.
  • Jessie sat down with the bread knife in one hand and a loaf of bread in the other, the better to consider this proposition.
  • He read it over slowly, carefully, thought about it, decided that it was excellent, and lay down on his bed to consider it.
  • At this moment I consider food regulations as having been made for slaves and perhaps for the run of other people; but not for me.
  • A rough way of expressing the action of this circuit is to consider it in the same light as that of the impedance-coil circuit shown in Fig.
  • The allies were compelled to retire, but they did not consider themselves beaten, and they fought again at Bautzen a few days afterward.
  • Now, suppose all this to be admitted, let us consider whether it gives any support to the Calvinistic creed of election.
  • If you consider it worth while, be so good as to send me a duplicate of the list with which you furnished Herr Steiner.
  • However, in enterprises of this kind you are in the hands of your friends; there is nothing for you to do but to abide by what they consider to be the best course.

Definition of Consider

(transitive) To think about seriously. | (intransitive) To think about something seriously or carefully: to deliberate. | (transitive) To think of doing.
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