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  • Because this love does not consist with self-conceit.
  • The West Indies consist of many islands.
  • It will consist of 18 volumes, Small Crown 8vo, at 2s.
  • The commercial functions consist in business which is not industrial.
  • We consist of Papa, Mamma, Jean, Clara and me.
  • Its value would consist in the pleasure you would take in playing with it.
  • Calderara's floats consist of a plurality of w.t.
  • Was it a strip only 3.5 meters in length or did it consist of several pieces?
  • It may consist of three pairs of spiked and one pair of fluted rollers.
  • Sometimes they consist of one room, but frequently have two or three rooms.
  • The latter consist mostly of grain, oil, pepper, and arrack.
  • Where's your freight an' what does it consist of?" "Agricultural stuff.

How To Use Consist In A Sentence?

  • Ordinary fats consist principally of derivatives of palmitic and stearic acids.
  • The riches of a country consist in the abundance and proper distribution of all these things.
  • Liberty does not consist in the power of acting or not acting, but in acting from choice.
  • Each station will ultimately consist of one dirigible and a number of hydro-aeroplanes.
  • The value of a plaything does not consist in itself, but in the pleasure it awakens in your mind.
  • The pattern can scarcely be too simple, and it should in all cases consist of flat ornament.
  • The alum baking powders consist of a mixture of alum and sodium hydrogen carbonate.
  • External membranes are barely visible, as the eggs consist of a single coherent mass.
  • They consist chiefly of a broad ditch, and a high sloping rampart without guns.
  • For example, a short notice of a book or poem might consist of a single paragraph.
  • These seemed, indeed, to consist mainly of hard riding and hard language on the part of everybody.
  • These would consist of those officers, soldiers, sepoys, and followers whose turn it was to go.
  • The force is to consist ultimately of 4 officers, 7 warrant officers and sergeants, 32 mechanics.
  • One slightly longer might consist of two paragraphs: A. Account of the work.
  • Mr. Bertram Blount, the analyst, found the disks consist of nitro-cellulose, or gun-cotton.
  • They consist of many and various ways of affording means of rapid circulation and facilitating the traffic.
  • Thus his notion of freedom was derived from matter, and supposed to consist in the absence of friction!
  • However produced, by the voice or otherwise, sounds to be transmitted by telephone consist of vibrations of the air.
  • A stool may consist of a thick piece of wood and of three legs inserted into holes bored in this thick top.
  • In air, sound vibrations consist of successive condensations and rarefactions tending to proceed outwardly from the source in all directions.
  • In those compounds which consist of two elements directly combined, the union is between such numbers of the two atoms as have equal valences.
  • The families in the first two columns consist of metals, while the elements found in the last two columns form acids.
  • When completed, it is intended to consist of a central part, and two wings projecting at right angles from the extremities of the former.
  • The vapor densities of many of the elements show that, like oxygen and nitrogen, their molecules consist of two atoms.
  • The so-called cream of tartar baking powders consist of a mixture of cream of tartar, bicarbonate of soda, and some starch or flour.
  • If with five colours in the same line the carpet will, in a sense, consist of five thicknesses of worsted; yet these are united into one fabric.
  • The squadron was to consist of a fleet of armed steamers, and twenty bomb-schooners, each carrying gigantic mortars, fifteen-inch shells.
  • The explanation of this change in the direction of indices of steadiness cannot be proved to consist in any peculiarity in the supplies of recent years.

Definition of Consist

(obsolete, copulative) To be. | (obsolete, intransitive) To exist. | (intransitive, with in) To be comprised or contained
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