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  • It consisted of a few lines only.
  • The apartment consisted of these two rooms.
  • My impression is that it consisted of about eighteen or twenty people.
  • The furniture consisted of guns and swords hanging on the walls.
  • The firing squad consisted of thirty soldiers, three to a man.
  • At the end of 1912 the military air force consisted of three 50 h.p.
  • The dwelling of the Prince no longer consisted of a simple manor-house.
  • A very large proportion of King's stores consisted of morphia and cocaine.

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  • Some writers have thought that all the gods of the ancients consisted of deified men.
  • The cave consisted of three long passages capable of holding a whole battalion.
  • The force consisted of 6367 officers and soldiers of the regular army, and 9054 colonial troops.
  • His family consisted of his wife and one daughter, a young lady about twenty years of age.
  • The food between them consisted of eight small loaves; one possessing five, and the other, three.
  • In its early form, the magneto-generator consisted of the arrangement shown in Fig.
  • In all, the garrison consisted of about eight hundred men, two-thirds of whom were Indians.
  • The "circus" usually consisted of about 30 fast scout machines, with every pilot a picked man.
  • At end of March, 1913, the effective Army aeroplanes consisted of three 50 h.p.
  • They consisted of workboxes, paints, tops, knives, drums, books, blotters, aprons, pencils, etc.
  • When the results of such speculations consisted of money he took the lion's share.
  • He was quietly appreciated by those who knew him well; but his more obvious distinction consisted in this, that he was married.
  • Its enormous body consisted of a wooden framework covered with canvas, and in its interior a series of cabins were provided.
  • As she had lived upon a small annuity, her whole property consisted of old furniture and a modest wardrobe.
  • This council consisted of a president and six or eight knights, and both temporal and ecclesiastical powers were conferred upon it.
  • An early and interesting form of such imperfect contact transmitter device consisted merely of metal conductors laid loosely in contact.
  • These consisted in backing off, operating the faller wire, rotating the spindles and pushing the carriage home.
  • It was brought in vessels of gold and of silver, and consisted of boiled meats and roast meats, with other dishes.
  • And the settlement, it is implied, consisted in assigning to the philosopher a sort of police and patrol duty in the commonwealth of science.
  • The thorns in her cross consisted chiefly of Jane's awkward attempts at consolation.
  • The fleet consisted of twenty-two ships of war, with frigates and sloops, and a great number of transports.
  • The fleet which was to take part in the attack consisted of fourteen sloops-of-war and gunboats, and four iron-clad monitors.
  • The pavilion consisted of two small adjoining rooms, such cosy little cribs, with quite an air of home about them.
  • The zinc electrode usually consisted merely in a rod of zinc, as shown, with a suitable terminal at its upper end.
  • Each such line originally consisted of two wires, one for the going and one for the returning current, as was then considered the action.
  • The order of the Templars, being purely military in its commencement, consisted then solely of laymen.
  • It consisted merely of a head, or rather a face, that appeared to be staring full upon me, and with an expression that was startling.
  • The rest consisted of all leading French types, proportionated more or less to the productive capacity of these firms.
  • The average costume consisted of a buckskin shirt, ordinary trousers tucked into high leather boots, and a slouch hat or cap.
  • It consisted of a nave, transepts and choir, with fan-tracery vault, of which some fragments have been lately fixed in the cloister wall.
  • His camp-bed consisted of a blue silk mattress, pillow and coverlid; materials that would have suited even a dandy guardsman.
  • Every house consisted of a single room, in which the whole family, parents and children, goats and poultry, lived together.

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simple past tense and past participle of consist
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