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  • The postmen have a library, consisting now of some 700 volumes.
  • A party, consisting of thirteen persons, had assembled in the dining-room.
  • Water is a compound, consisting of 11.18% hydrogen and 88.82% oxygen.

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  • They had a peculiar language, consisting of words which were not generally intelligible.
  • A substance consisting of oxygen and hydrogen was found to have a molecular weight of 34.
  • There was once a family consisting of a father, his three sons, and his two daughters-in-law.
  • A soft cement, consisting of wax and turpentine, or wax and pomatum, was prepared.
  • The legs are five-jointed, the tarsi consisting of a single joint, ending in two large claws.
  • So began the Alcott pilgrimage, their fortune consisting of love and faith and brains.
  • They are in the form of a series of strata, each consisting largely of a single mineral salt.
  • In most plants the reproductive function inheres in a single bisexual flower, consisting of both male and female elements.
  • The order, consisting at first of only knights and men of noble birth, had no serving-brethren in it.
  • There can be no doubt that, taking all things into consideration, the best type of factory is that consisting only of one floor.
  • A charge consisting in part of old scrap iron of any kind and in part of cast iron is melted in the furnace by a gas flame.
  • The aments are usually 3-4 inches long with individual flowers consisting of 4 stamens with their surrounding bract and calyx lobes.
  • Primary cells are those consisting of electrodes of dissimilar elements which, when placed in an electrolyte, become immediately ready for action.
  • Two squadrons, consisting of merchant ships and convoys under command of an admiral and vice-admiral, made the trip each year.
  • They have a kitchen and dining-room equipment consisting of a stove, a set of cooking utensils, and a dining table with service.
  • Several compounds consisting exclusively of nitrogen and hydrogen are known, but only one, ammonia, need be considered here.
  • These are merely palliatives, consisting of starch, talc, or chalk powders, which counteract stickiness.
  • He rapidly constructed on the upper blank part of the paper, a proportional diagram consisting of two intersecting lines with a single cross-line.
  • We have a quartet consisting of an inquisitive inn-keeper, his mismated sentimental daughter, her worthless husband, and her former lover.
  • This is done on such lines by what is called "code ringing," the code consisting of various combinations of long and short rings.
  • It speaks of the body as being composed of gross material particles; and of the soul as consisting of more subtle, refined, and ethereal matter.
  • A mixture consisting of one part of manganese dioxide and four parts of potassium chlorate is placed in the flask A and gently heated.
  • Coal is a complex substance of vegetable origin, consisting largely of carbon, but also containing hydrogen, oxygen, and nitrogen.
  • And he laughed heartily, upon which the old gentleman began to laugh too, contentedly stroking his mustache, consisting of half a dozen hairs.
  • Each carried two or four white bales slung on his sides, or two or more long boxes, consisting of planks roped rather than nailed together.
  • The Baluchis seldom eat meat, their food principally consisting of cakes or bread made of grain, with buttermilk and rice.
  • As the waters of the Irawadi begin to fall, a yearly festival of three days is held, consisting chiefly of boat-racing.
  • The little party, consisting of Rose, her uncle, and the artist, awaited the arrival of the expected visitor with considerable impatience.
  • A couple of small tents were pitched, and a meal, consisting of an excellent curry, stewed pigeons, beer, and claret, served.
  • The North-West party, consisting chiefly of half-breeds, had augmented to upwards of three hundred warriors.
  • The transitional nature of the environment is exemplified by a rather depauperate herpetofauna consisting of some species of both dry and humid environments and lacking a large fauna typical of either.
  • Extending from the right of this group is a numeral series consisting of nine pairs of numbers, each pair the same, 13, XI.
  • In the first place, the modern receiver is of the bi-polar type, consisting essentially of a horseshoe magnet presenting both of its poles to the diaphragm.
  • Frequently, also, there is a combination of the two, consisting of a single or a double wrapping of silk next to the wire with an outer wrapping of cotton.
  • An order consisting of so many members, and whose wealth and possessions were of such extent, must necessarily have had numerous officers and various ranks and dignities.
  • In another part there is a stratum of some four feet in depth, consisting apparently of nothing besides the fossil fruits called trigonocarpa and the sandy material in which they are lodged.
  • At the back between the car and the balloon was fixed the rudder, of unusual design, consisting of two four-sided pyramids with their bases placed together.

Definition of Consisting

present participle of consist
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