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  • Holiness consists in love.
  • True nobility consists in virtue.
  • A telephone line consists of two conductors.
  • His headgear consists of a round skin cap.
  • This consists merely of a pair of parallel zig-zag lines.
  • The quadruplex consists of two duplex sets upon one wire.
  • The posting every Sunday consists of 35,000 letters.
  • It consists of two Princes and five Princesses.
  • For art consists not in any of its representatives, and is of itself alone.
  • It consists of texts, and many commentaries and illustrations.
  • One combination consists of carbon and mercury, a liquid metal.
  • Holiness, according to him, consists in a feeling of love to God.
  • The ground Floor is very low, but consists of fine great Arches.

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  • It consists in working different patterns on different planes of the same piece of stucco-work.
  • It consists of tree-covered slopes, and flat grass-covered hilltops and valleys.
  • The nest consists of a gelatinous substance, in shape resembling an apple cut down the middle.
  • Rear tail consists of 2 fixed planes, a triangular damping plane and a triangular keel plane.
  • The game consists in making the two sets of counters change places; moving one at a time.
  • The pair which ride immediately behind him consists of a young cavalier and a young Amazon.
  • An aeroplane squadron nominally consists of 18 aeroplanes (9 in service, 9 remounts).
  • It consists of two wings, navy and army, with a central flying school at Upavon, Salisbury Plain.
  • The perfection and glory of each consists in the living union and consentaneous development of both.
  • An objective science which consists merely of facts without any subjective theories is inconceivable.
  • An induction coil consists of two or more windings of wire interlinked by a common magnetic circuit.
  • And this was a triumph of that not uncommon line of nursery policy which consists in elaborately misleading the infant mind for good.
  • The Right-hand of the Square consists of Hay-Barns, and two or three wretched Hovels.
  • His round shield is made of burnished silver, and the head of his morning-star consists of a single cornelian.
  • This assumes many forms, but always consists in a cylindrical opening behind which are arranged one or more spring contacts.
  • An induction coil is merely a transformer, and for the use under discussion consists of two insulated wires wound around an iron core.
  • This consists of three naves, divided by lofty and slender columns, which carry stilted semi-circular arches.
  • If the antecedent consists of a group of words, the relative comes at the end of the group, unless this would cause ambiguity.
  • The honor of women consists in the good opinion of the world; and since that of your wife is eminently good, why would you have it questioned?
  • I do not see the great necessity for either, while moreover, the soil consists of sand and stone, which is not easily dug.
  • The Sunday attire of the men consists of black calico coats down to the heels, and flopping black trousers.
  • The chief cost consists in the wages for masonry work and the iron, so that in respect of building Jaffnapatam has an advantage over other places.
  • It is written on paper, and consists of forty-five leaves, the size of the pages being 5-3/4 in. by 3-3/4 in.
  • Primarily it consists of a telephone receiver, of a particular type devised by Gundlach, associated with a granular carbon transmitter button.
  • It seems more correct to say, that the freedom of the will consists in the absence of a power over its determinations, than in the presence of such a power.
  • There is the view that it is rendering to each what is due to him; that it consists in the proper reciprocity of services, in the balance of social give and take.
  • The central-office equipment consists of a dial connected with an impulse wheel, together with suitable keys by which the various circuits may be manipulated.

Definition of Consists

Third-person singular simple present indicative form of consist | plural of consist
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