Consolation In A Sentence

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Consolation | Consolation Sentence

  • But is there consolation in this?
  • But there was no consolation in all this.
  • But the consolation was scant.
  • He had this consolation at any rate.
  • And one consolation was theirs.
  • This consolation was denied him.
  • Formal consolation was superfluous.
  • I have offered myself that consolation before.
  • Where is the consolation of the poor?
  • There was consolation in the determination.
  • There was no consolation from any side.
  • There was consolation in that fact.
  • This for the consolation of bachelors!
  • What were words of consolation to her?
  • That ought to be some consolation to you.
  • This letter was a consolation to us all.
  • She found consolation in that thought.
  • I sought consolation from the muses.
  • No ray of consolation cheered me.
  • And with this consolation the girls had to be content.
  • The sacred consolation of the sea.
  • Sam had to get what consolation he could from this.
  • What consolation did he offer the mother?
  • The father had no consolation and no comforter.
  • But he had one consolation which gratified his vanity.
  • It was some consolation to learn that they also missed him.
  • The survivor was capable of consolation and of succour.
  • Heavenly consolation and manifestation came to them alike.
  • With this feeling there is always consolation in distress.
  • You would even find consolation in being lost in them.
  • But what consolation could the tenderest words supply?
  • Yet, what consolation could you afford me?
  • Her only consolation lies in chanty toward the poor.
  • Felicity's a great consolation to you, isn't she?
  • Throughout life her consolation was Nature.

How To Use Consolation In A Sentence?

  • But I had no consolation to offer.
  • But that consolation was not so easy to Hilary.
  • Maisie was his consolation prize when Terry had failed.
  • Heavenly consolation for all I have suffered on earth!
  • McHale bit large consolation and spat in disgust.

Definition of Consolation

The act of consoling. | The prize or benefit for the loser. | (sports) A consolation goal.
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