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  • Religion consoles some.
  • It is a mistake which charms and consoles them both.
  • But history, which seldom instructs us, never consoles us.
  • Rama consoles his queen for her father's absence.

How To Use Consoles In A Sentence?

  • The business man, by such costly stinginess, consoles himself that he is saving.
  • The merchant consoles the dying bird, and afterwards has him embalmed and placed in the gold vase.
  • The beautiful butterfly trick, however, consoles our eyes for what our ears have suffered.
  • The only thing that consoles me is, that I shall have such a famous supper ready for him.
  • Superior sincerity (far superior) consoles us for the total want of old Grecian grace.
  • Her vanity finds in religious devotion a role which occupies her and consoles her for the ruin of her charms.
  • Frantically she pushed open the door of a room, which was crowded with consoles of transmission machines.
  • What consoles me sometimes is to think that it is in the power of destiny to make you ill; but it is in the power of no one to make me survive you.
  • Yesterday, by the pointing of a finger, he created a province; to-day he dares not, but consoles himself by saying he does not wish to point.
  • The contemplative man consoles himself for the destiny of the species with the lost portion of Kubla Khan.
  • An amorous complaint suffices her; a sonnet, or a love-sigh, breathed by the light of the stars, consoles her for the labors of the day.
  • Ganga tells her of the birth of the twins and consoles her, but Earth is greatly distressed with the conduct of Rama.
  • Well, if it does, all I can say is that what consoles me for getting old is the thought that I shall not be there to see it.
  • Love and Sympathy that he longed for comforts and consoles him, and Beauty and Goodness wait on him.
  • It encourages to the practice of virtue; it supports the unfortunate under the stroke of affliction; and consoles the believer in the hour of adversity.
  • He strove to console himself with the thought that it was too soon, that she had not gone to the country, but a consolation that comes with strife, consoles but poorly.
  • They're no better than they should be, you see if they are; but when we touch the property, we'll show them who is their masters, which consoles me.
  • The flat walls rarely had a real projecting entablature; the ends of joists were simulated by cornices resting on consoles or modillions; the architrave and the frieze were only a painted effect.
  • Harrison is too purely intellectual a man to be led away by the vulgar animal temptation of liquor, though he has a good cellar, and sometimes consoles himself with a snug bachelor dinner.

Definition of Consoles

Third-person singular simple present indicative form of console | plural of console
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