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  • Our movement consolidated and spread.
  • The ice blocks were consolidated by the agency of heat.
  • How can the States be consolidated and annihilated too?
  • Is it Consolidated Gas?
  • In New Zealand the law was consolidated in 1903.
  • The consolidated laws of New York annotated.
  • Taxes and separate Consolidated Fund. 13.
  • As to separate Consolidated Fund and taxes. 11.
  • Charges on Irish Consolidated Fund.
  • Irish Exchequer Consolidated Fund and Audit.
  • Office of Indian Affairs, Consolidated Files.
  • The sides of the boxes are consolidated with a spade-shaped rammer.
  • The township unit, the consolidated school, the centralized school.
  • So down to the Consolidated Virginia office they went at once.
  • McKinney's consolidated laws of New York.
  • McKinney's consolidated laws of New York.
  • McKinney's consolidated laws of New York, annotated.
  • Dredge operating in Yuba Consolidated Gold Fields, California.

How To Use Consolidated In A Sentence?

  • Every subsequent dominion which was established or consolidated was formed on the later model.
  • At that point he might have reposed, and have quietly consolidated his fortune.
  • There were but few bands, and the drum corps had been consolidated into division corps.
  • The mass is molded into any desired shape, and is then consolidated by heavy pressure.
  • The bourgeoisie itself conquered power by means of revolts, and consolidated it by the civil war.
  • The sand and mud are derived from the land, and if consolidated form sandstone and shale.
  • His clothes were frozen like a casing of mail, and his hair was consolidated into a helmet of ice.
  • The enemy, paralyzed by the onset, became consolidated into three or four immense globes.
  • But he was very anxious that the Consolidated Pacific people should think he had.
  • As to existing judges and other persons having salaries charged on the Consolidated Fund.
  • When Khalifa Abdullah had consolidated his authority he determined to rid himself of this rebel.
  • In 1875 came the great Reichsbank Act, which consolidated all the banking power of the empire.
  • Provisions as to Judges and other persons having salaries charged on the Consolidated Fund.
  • Robinson advises the purchase of Consolidated Stumers: is he trying to make us "hold the baby"?
  • Annual contributions from Ireland to Consolidated Fund of United Kingdom.
  • The first Copyhold Act, that of 1841, was consolidated by the Copyhold Act 1894.
  • They are consolidated by the deposition of earthy material before they are fully and properly developed.
  • Here they were again consolidated into a division requisition, and so on until the army head-quarters was reached.
  • On the contrary, there is a multitude of practical advantages in such a consolidated and spontaneously working order.
  • Especially as he chose the precise moment when my allowance was due, and bequeathed me nothing but his consolidated liabilities.
  • Rural consolidated school buildings ought always be planned for civic centers as well as school-houses.
  • All strata are sedimentary, consolidated at the bottom of the sea by the pressure of the water and by subterranean heat.

Definition of Consolidated

(finance) Including financial data of the parent and all subsidiary companies. | simple past tense and past participle of consolidate
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