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  • This supposition is most consonant with probability.
  • By what consonant is 4 represented?
  • Their stem ended in a consonant other than n.
  • Letters are made up of consonant and vowel sounds.
  • Pearls and feathers are consonant to her artistic taste.
  • Place the consonant cards on the blackboard ledge.
  • Of the above, those ending in a consonant are invariable.
  • I also gave exercises in prefixing a consonant to a vowel.
  • For the first lesson teach perhaps two consonant sounds.
  • What is the consonant X equal to?
  • What does the consonant "N" sometimes sound like?
  • Teach the Single Consonant Sounds.
  • The expression of religion will be consonant with the stage of development.
  • Analyze Known Words in Teaching the Consonant Sounds.
  • The teacher writes any consonant on the board and immediately erases it.
  • Thus far but one sound for each consonant has been taught and emphasized.
  • As each consonant sound is taught its written form may be learned.
  • Then a new idea seized him, and one more consonant with probability.
  • It was a lovely day, and every feeling of my heart was consonant to the scene.
  • It may be a brave boast, it may be consonant with piety from the hon.
  • And my fingers wandered wildly, Over the consonant keys.
  • Yes, Countess; as far as fidelity is consonant with perfect inactivity.
  • Before a consonant sound "a" is used; before a vowel sound "an" is used.

How To Use Consonant In A Sentence?

  • It is not consonant with the stage of civilization we are at the moment passing through.
  • Monosyllables ending in a vowel were pronounced long, those ending in a consonant short.
  • When a number of consonant sounds are mastered, practice in blending may begin.
  • And, on the other hand, man could now espouse any end consonant with his nature.
  • It seems as though music has said all it can say along consonant lines, and regular rhythms.
  • With that day the Chinese Republic ceased to have a government consonant with its laws.
  • Rachel's own attitude on this score was entirely consonant with that of others.
  • A consonant is a letter symbolizing a sound articulat that is broaken with the tuiches of the mouth.
  • He does not see that the short vowel requires a double consonant to prevent it from being pronounced long.
  • First place the consonant before the vowel, making the articulation the initial sound of the syllable.
  • It is their aim that everything should be as primitive as possible, consonant with healthfulness, privacy and comfort.
  • A voual devyded from a voual be a consonant can be noe possible means return thorough the consonant into the former voual.
  • The n-Declension contains almost all of the O.E. nouns belonging to the Consonant Declensions.
  • The teacher should previously go through the text and select the words she wishes to use as type words in teaching the consonant sounds.
  • The box that held it was adorned with a mammoth scarlet star, and the scheme of decoration of the frock was wholly consonant with the star.
  • The sun had already risen, bright and warm, consonant with the happiness of the new life now opening up for us.
  • Now this sound goes from the highest to the lowest of the Italian vowels, beginning with the consonant m.

Definition of Consonant

Characterized by harmony or agreement. | Having the same sound. | (music) Harmonizing together; accordant.

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