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  • What have the same value as the consonants themselves?
  • The analogy of the consonants is unmistakable.
  • These consonants spell 47.
  • The consonants must be taken in order.
  • The final consonants are supplied in all expressions.
  • By what two consonants do we represent 8?
  • Combinations of consonants 11-15; of vowels, 10.
  • Remember your consonants are of as great value as your vowels.
  • Attend to the consonants and the vowels will take care of themselves.
  • Take care of the consonants and the vowels will take care of themselves.
  • What we want is that every child should know the consonants thoroly.
  • Have a number of phonograms and three or four sets of consonants in envelopes.
  • Of the consonants C is pronounced as in English, CH as K.
  • Thus in many Semitic writings only the consonants of words are indicated.
  • C and J are the only consonants which have a different sound than in English.
  • You would find the same consonants in the County of He{r}{k}imer.

How To Use Consonants In A Sentence?

  • In verse the same rules hold as in prose for the distribution of consonants in syllables.
  • Can a greater variety of sentences be found if only the initial consonants are used?
  • Through the initial consonants of what sentence, not considering the six in brackets?
  • Phonograms are written on the board; pupils supply consonants and write out the words.
  • But the consonants must, of course, be distinctly articulated and not be drowned in the vocality.
  • Some of our finest are even more uncouth with their consonants than good friend Davenant.
  • Also, he drank freely, and while his voice grew louder his consonants lost their crispness.
  • The first two consonants have different values in the word "accident" = 70121.
  • The other consonants are the same, perhaps, as Mr. Davidson incidentally mentions.
  • You place the figures under each other as below, and then you place at the right hand of each figure the consonants which translate it.
  • Other devices for teaching the consonants are sometimes used by successful teachers who do not use the type-words and cards.
  • German is so full of consonants that one needs to have exceptional control of the tongue and lips to give their proper value.
  • Only those who possess first-rate natural memories can learn the equivalents of the sounded consonants in figures from this table.
  • There was a murmur of excited voices, and one rose hoarse and a trifle shaky in the consonants above the rest.
  • Leave the tongue limp and speak your vowels and consonants perfect and distinct, and the tongue will take care of itself.
  • Ample practice in translating the sounded consonants of words into figures, or of figures into the sounded consonants of words will now be given.
  • The consonants are thirteen in number, but they are never used alone, for the vowel is always used with them.
  • When the vowels from the accented syllable to the end of the word are the same, but the consonants are different, the rhyme is called assonance.
  • With all the consonants on the board, the teacher sounds any consonant, the pupil finds and repeats the sound as he points it out.
  • Of course, in the case of initial vowels the following consonants have most to be considered, and in initial consonants the following vowels.
  • This idea has been expressed in another way, by saying that vowels express the emotional side of speech, and consonants its intellectual side.
  • This system, carried out completely, would have raised the forms of consonants to sixty, a multiplication that was feared as inconvenient.
  • When the vowels and consonants can be distinguished, pupils can be taught the use of the articles "a" and "an".
  • At this same period (twenty-five months) he could not yet give the softened or liquid sound of consonants (mouilliren).

Definition of Consonants

plural of consonant
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