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How To Use Consort In A Sentence?

  • Now, to consort together in their bedrooms during school-hours was forbidden to the girls.
  • One day he came earlier to the zenana, and found his consort reading something.
  • The Queen only is the consort of the sovereign, and entitled to share his rank.
  • M. de Mauves seemed to express such satisfaction as could consort with a limited interest.
  • But a star performer, such as Nita considered herself, would hardly consort with such a man.
  • They wilfully themselves exile from light, And must for aye consort with black-browed night.
  • It was not polite to make an enemy of one destined to be the Prince Consort of Czernova.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Consort | Consort Sentence

  • How can she consort with princes and with peasants?
  • Nor was our consort in a better plight.
  • My consort dwells not in the builded house.
  • No, as my consort by my side.
  • The heroine of this story was a consort of thieves.
  • Vice and crime consort with foul living.
  • You are not worthy to consort with honourable people.
  • I hate a wicked consort for my son.
  • Receive my consort into thy family circle.
  • And his sad consort beats her breast in vain.
  • Let us consort with them openly, gayly!
  • The monarch was very old, his consort also.
  • Isis was the consort of Osiris.
  • Come I as consort hither?
  • Does Kwaiba consort with wenches of such ilk?
  • Do I consort with courtesans, pray?
  • Enlil and his consort Ninlil (we will pacify).
  • Did De Guader and his faithful consort see it?
  • The San Carlos joined her consort on the 13th.
  • Gula (goddess), consort of Tammuz, 285.
  • The late Prince Consort . . .
  • But consort of Ninurta, CT.
  • Kunigunde, consort of Henry II.
  • Adelaide, Q. Consort of Will.
  • Until my brothers the possession grudged me of a consort to all superior.
  • Queen Eleanor, consort of Henry III.
  • Sif's consort drank three salds of mead.
  • Sebwana is my consort by choice of the elders of the land, but in name only.
  • He would consort with people for the mere pleasure of social life with them.
  • His domestic life in the society of his consort Indrani is described.
  • Enrica is a fit consort for a far greater man than Count Marescotti.
  • As swift her ent'ring consort flew, And plum'd, and kindled at the view.
  • Shahryar finds a model consort in Shahrazad, Ahasuerus in Esther.

Definition of Consort

(intransitive) To associate or keep company (with). | (intransitive) To be in agreement. | The spouse of a monarch.
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