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  • No conspicuous dorsal tubercles.
  • It begins with the observation of the conspicuous facts.
  • One fact alone is a conspicuous proof of this demand.
  • Red dye makes the most conspicuous mark in the snow.
  • And who are the most conspicuous in our State?
  • But there were people there conspicuous for other things than their wealth.
  • This century has been conspicuous above all centuries for new things.
  • They constitute a very conspicuous landmark in the history of literature.
  • No figure stood out conspicuous in the throng as that of royalty.
  • Of this general law the telegraph affords a conspicuous example.
  • It was an official messenger in a blue suit with a conspicuous nickel badge.
  • Her bright red driving wheels made her a conspicuous figure on the line.
  • The most conspicuous result of this talent is the "Times" newspaper.
  • The most noted, or conspicuous of these are:--1.
  • The same tone is conspicuous in Kosciuszko's many proclamations to the nation.

How To Use Conspicuous In A Sentence?

  • Most conspicuous is the fact that the element hydrogen has no place in the table.
  • He had not brought her there to hear speeches or to be conspicuous in the glare of lights.
  • It had not been a conspicuous withdrawal, for she was very busy and had little time for him.
  • Packing a small bag with toilet articles and other necessaries, he left it in a conspicuous place.
  • I said, pointing proudly to a very conspicuous patch on the elbow of one sleeve.
  • Mr. Parsey was an artist, who also made himself conspicuous by a new view of perspective.
  • Willie Smee, the supercargo, emerged from the cabin, conspicuous in his shore clothes.
  • A conspicuous bill of expense which helped to bankrupt the enterprise was for protection against the savages.
  • Commercial prosperity is always most conspicuous where the buildings are principally not of stone, but of brick.
  • Here and there appeared the more conventional tailored dress, looking almost conspicuous in its severity.
  • As this gentleman will occupy a somewhat conspicuous position in our tale, we deem it necessary to go into these particulars.
  • There was a rifle slung under his stirrup-leather, and a six-shooter in its holster on his hip was a conspicuous feature of his costume.
  • And she led him into the drawing-room, where lengths of pink and green brocade were pinned against the wall in conspicuous places.
  • He had another conspicuous characteristic, and it was the father of those which I have just spoken of.
  • The outstanding feature of these conspicuous manifestations of American religious life is that they have been absolutely undogmatic.
  • In avoiding the conspicuous lapses of his predecessors Raymond with all his guile fell into another pitfall.
  • The faith of the Aw-aw-tam in witchcraft appears first in this story and afterwards is conspicuous in nearly all.
  • Nor need anything bar the gates to them except age, conspicuous behavior, or the lack of a long-tailed coat.
  • The two upper arcades are so abruptly cut by the great Perpendicular window as to make most conspicuous the fact that this is a later insertion.
  • These efforts are such conspicuous failures that even the patent medicine man has not found his "anti-fat nostrums" the happy means to fortune.
  • The cows and occupation going on within, in an inner stall, are too conspicuous and a picture within a picture, and therefore would be better out.
  • The public was scarcely aware of what was going on until conspicuous advertisements announced the Pony Express.
  • In the recent victorious operations of the Russian Army the cavalry have taken a conspicuous part.
  • However, they are reduced now, and are conspicuous among the other Indians in the exercises of Christianity.
  • Like the pine-tree, tall and strong and conspicuous among the trees of the forest, he had achieved a commanding place in the Mohawk nation.

Definition of Conspicuous

Obvious or easy to notice. | Noticeable or attracting attention, especially if unattractive.
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