Conspicuously In A Sentence

Definition of Conspicuously

In a conspicuous manner; noticeably.

How To Use Conspicuously In A Sentence?

  • He argued conspicuously and vehemently on a subject with which he had no experience.
  • She possessed a calmness of demeanour that was conspicuously lacking in all the rest.
  • Henley could whistle that way because he had triumphed so conspicuously in the recent encounter.
  • The last years had been very dangerous to those who engaged conspicuously in social life.
  • All this applies to all forms of work, but it applies conspicuously to literature.
  • The handle is conspicuously wide, while the body of the implement is very slender and light.
  • But throughout the period of restoration, the lemon-colored shoes had been conspicuously absent.
  • Whilst feeding, these stood out conspicuously from the rest, and were religiously preserved.
  • Tolerance, benevolence, and humility shone conspicuously in their united careers.
  • A fresh satellite, in the gloom of night, was shining conspicuously before them.
  • It is broken and irregular, yet no one hill rises conspicuously over the rest.
  • There was also the jewelled ring, now conspicuously held aloft on a fat little finger.
  • In lesser men it manifests itself less conspicuously and less constantly, but not less positively.
  • The wood is soft, not conspicuously resinous, straight-grained and valuable as lumber.
  • Even when he is most conspicuously "fighting a prize," there is always solid stuff in him.
  • It varies conspicuously in height from place to place, yet nowhere attains a great altitude.
  • From tip to toe, at all seasons and in all weathers, he looked conspicuously spick and span.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Conspicuously | Conspicuously Sentence

  • Pigs here are conspicuously absent.
  • He has been conspicuously out of everything.
  • One of the girls was conspicuously attractive.
  • The poets are conspicuously wanting.
  • Goldsmith was conspicuously vain at times.
  • He was conspicuously and essentially a gentleman.
  • The wounded are not conspicuously moved by day.
  • Both were elegantly if somewhat conspicuously dressed.
  • Stars conspicuously ranged in curving lines and streams.
  • Grand piano drawn conspicuously to center of floor.
  • The great war has been conspicuously one of alliances.
  • As a result, her greeting was conspicuously cool.
  • One tale, however, stands out conspicuously above the rest.
  • The year 1867 was conspicuously a year of Fenian activity.
  • At the door Ensign Sand was conspicuously waiting.
  • Generally their habits of eating and sleeping have been conspicuously regular.
  • And in the front seats flaunted them conspicuously displayed.
  • Her hair and eyes were conspicuously dark against the whiteness of her gown.
  • This head is conspicuously placed over the entrance to the drug store.
  • In important debate he is conspicuously the strongest man in the senate.
  • Among his other lackings Lute was conspicuously short of tact.
  • He was too conspicuously the very head and front of the American cause.
  • The Cuban question figured conspicuously in the campaign of 1856.

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