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  • She was his constant companion in the hills.
  • Tommy sang his constant praises.
  • That night they kept up a constant complaining.
  • His note-book is in constant use.
  • I had one constant desire ruling my thoughts.
  • Some words in constant use he rarely explained.
  • From now on, there was need of constant vigilance.
  • What constant work at home must I not do perforce!
  • Copyright laws in most countries are in a constant state of change.
  • Therefore, it should be used when a constant current is required.
  • The gravity cell has a practically constant voltage of 1.08 volts.
  • Yet shall thy virtue, beauteous maid, My constant services acquire.
  • And there is that constant forefinger pointing--at what?
  • A close alliance,--they are constant friends.
  • You then, while 'tis time, Seek out another and more constant friend.

How To Use Constant In A Sentence?

  • Only that constant need of exertion could have borne us through the horror of it all.
  • I have constant bleeding from the nose, which has been often the case this winter.
  • His jaunty fighting bearing and unfailing good humor are a constant inspiration.
  • There is the constant passing to and fro across the one border-line which never changes.
  • They resort to one spot, and are constant in their coming, especially if encouraged.
  • Through this man Frank was able to obtain a constant supply of the pernicious stimulant.
  • We are always cool at the clubs: the constant habit of ruining one another, teaches us temper.
  • In all books on wars a constant comparison will be found drawn between the school-boy and the soldier on service.
  • In constant fear of sinking all the while, The winds so contrary, such stormy weather! PAR.
  • I sought various ways to divert his mind, and to arouse him from the constant meditations in which he was plunged.
  • In this very building are housed and in constant attendance a large number of doctors, surgeons and orderlies.
  • The bottom is of loose white sand which is all in commotion, by the constant boiling up of the clear cold water.
  • That description floated around the country in the papers, and was in constant use and wear for a quarter of a century.
  • One of the disadvantages of living in Paris is the constant contact with the odious atmosphere of comparisons.
  • She had been surprised to find that entertainment came to her door unsought, in the form of constant arrivals and departures among the neighbours.
  • But at last, his resistance worn to a thread by constant coaxing, he had agreed to spend the night there on account of the fowls.
  • There is a constant struggle on the part of nature to build up and beautify, to strengthen and recuperate, against the results of human excesses.
  • The constant struggle for existence produces a character utterly opposed to that of the suave and facile Malay.
  • Women, however, are more constant in their attachments than men, whatever philosophers may say to the contrary.
  • This cell requires little attention and will maintain a constant e.m.f. of about two-thirds of a volt until completely exhausted.
  • He was the object of the doating attachment of Ala-ed-deen, and consequently had free and constant access to him.
  • My passion for Bianca gained daily more force from absence; by constant meditation it wore itself a deeper and deeper channel.
  • These, the most important courses of all, came, if not daily, at least often enough to keep one under constant strain.
  • And the cool, fresh, constant voice is heard Of the fountain's spilling in every walk.
  • She worried over Pamela and Henry and me, and took constant and extraordinary pains to keep us from coming into contact with the contagion.

Definition of Constant

Unchanged through time or space; permanent. | Consistently recurring over time; persistent. | Steady in purpose, action, feeling, etc.
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