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  • The constituencies would be grouped into divisions.
  • Outside the county constituencies are the parliamentary boroughs.
  • Single-member constituencies do not therefore guarantee large majorities.
  • Sir Francis represented St. Ives and other constituencies in Parliament.

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  • But the constituencies will be the sufferers, and feel all the effect of pernicious legislation.
  • Parliament, control of taxing power by, 6; four distinct constituencies represented in, 7.
  • Of these constituencies 69 seats were held by the Ministerialists and 75 by the Unionists.
  • Here the cause was not the subdivision of constituencies but the absence of any provision for the representation of minorities.
  • With such constituencies it would be possible to approximate to a true representation of the electors.
  • In the latter case the result may be considerably influenced by the manner in which the constituencies are arranged.
  • Nor would redistribution have lessened the violence of these changes in the constituencies in which second ballots were necessary.
  • In computing the figures in these columns an allowance has been made for uncontested constituencies on the following basis.
  • In the forty-six constituencies in which they were second at the poll they were only able to improve their condition in three cases.
  • For a system of proportional representation the first requirement is the formation of constituencies returning several members.
  • Glasgow, Manchester, Birmingham, Sheffield, Leeds would form constituencies in themselves.
  • The decrease in the size of constituencies since 1885 has not given any greater leisure to the candidates during the period of his candidature.
  • In fact strict equalization of the constituencies would be as likely to make matters worse as to make them better.
  • Some who recognize the great merits of proportional representation have suggested its application to urban constituencies by way of experiment.
  • But the system of the single transferable vote with constituencies returning several members diminishes very considerably any such possibility.
  • In 66 of these constituencies they were at the head of the poll, but succeeded in maintaining this position at the second ballots in 24 only.
  • Only the most languid interest was there taken in the questions which stirred the constituencies across the Channel.
  • A great difference, as might be expected, arises from the incredible widening of what might be called the constituencies of opinion.
  • But it loses no opportunity of influencing elections, and inducing constituencies to select Socialists as their candidates.
  • The home constituencies are thus being taught the beautiful lesson of the trenches as related to true brotherhood and essential Christianity.
  • The existing divisions of the constituencies shall, save as provided in that Schedule, be abolished.
  • Members were returned for Irish constituencies who had been convicts; others came who richly deserved imprisonment for life.
  • It was with the utmost difficulty that they obtained representation in constituencies other than those in which at the first elections they were in an absolute majority.
  • There were at that time local Groups, each comprising one or a dozen constituencies in London and its suburbs.
  • But now that he had the constituencies in his pocket for five years and nothing further was to be feared from that quarter, his cards were placed on the table.
  • The system remained in force until the Redistribution Act of 1885, when three-member constituencies were abolished.
  • In these 118 constituencies the Socialists polled 1,170,000 votes at the first ballots, whilst the other parties polled 1,920,000.
  • An examination of the foregoing summary will show that no readjustment of the electoral constituencies would do much to remedy the enormous inequalities which occur at present.
  • A large number of constituencies are represented by members who have no connexion with the locality other than that of being its spokesman in Parliament.
  • If these and other constituencies had received additional representatives, the violence of the changes in the composition of the legislative body would in all probability have been increased.
  • In the year 1903 the Social Democrats won 56 constituencies by absolute majorities, and were engaged in the second ballots in 118 constituencies.
  • So long as single-member constituencies are retained elections must necessarily take the form of a struggle for the whole of the representation allotted to the constituency.
  • With equal electoral districts it would still be possible in two adjoining constituencies for one member to be returned by a large majority and the other by a small majority.
  • In Germany and France single-member constituencies have not arrested the development of groups with national, religious, or sectional programmes.
  • The question of remainders, or votes not utilized in the distribution of seats, is of minor importance when the constituencies return a large number of members.
  • Similarly in England, it is often extremely difficult to maintain political organizations in those constituencies in which the position of the minority is hopeless.

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plural of constituency
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