Constituting In A Sentence

Definition of Constituting

present participle of constitute

How To Use Constituting In A Sentence?

  • When the lesions constituting the eruption are of two or more types or characters.
  • They regarded any region into which they entered as constituting a sovereign state.
  • When the lesions constituting the eruption are so closely crowded that a solid sheet results.
  • Who created those legends and tales of adventure constituting the subject-matter of mythology?
  • The tips of the platinum wire constituting the inner poles glow and seem to flame.
  • Believers constituting the church have an inheritance and we are His inheritance.
  • Besides constituting the entire orchestra, he was floor manager, and called out the figures.
  • The colour of these three pieces, constituting the dress of a recluse, is invariably yellow.
  • This section explains the manner of constituting and the proper authority for holding a Lodge.
  • Seats, new benches with coffee-sacks spread over those constituting the Dress Circle.
  • Germany, far from constituting the Roman Empire, has been instrumental in destroying it.
  • There may or may not be a beginning of the particular series of physical events constituting our world.
  • When the lesions constituting the eruption are isolated, having more or less intervening normal skin.
  • The elements constituting this family belong in the same group with nitrogen and therefore resemble it in a general way.
  • Beneath these packages was a thin board, constituting a sort of division between its upper and lower half.
  • This virtually gives a small body of men constituting a committee a veto on every legislative proposal.
  • It may be interesting to give the names of the men constituting this body, and the places of their nativity.
  • They may be regarded as constituting the simplest and humblest form of animal life certainly known to us.
  • Though constituting what is denominated light literature, much careful research was required in the composition of the tales.
  • Not to regard them as aside from her peculiar work, but as constituting a peculiarly important and interesting part of her work.
  • These are all for a revolution; and, constituting the body of the nation, the other parts will follow them.
  • At the conclusion of the previous section allusion was made to retinues as constituting a danger to the industrious members of the body politic.
  • The poetry and tales constituting the main part of the present volume, need no apology or introduction.
  • First Deed Poll, signed legally, constituting The Christian Mission.
  • The disease may subside in several months and the process come to an end, constituting the acute type.
  • These may be divided into two classes: one independent, the other constituting a part only of some other story.
  • Young ladies are now frequently asked to dinner-parties without a chaperon, a hostess constituting herself chaperon for the occasion.
  • The explosion-vessel did her work well, the effect constituting one of the grandest artificial spectacles imaginable.
  • So numerous are these subjects, that in constituting the committees, every member may be put on some committee.
  • Fifty-six million inhabitants, constituting 32 per cent, of the entire population of the country.
  • The Orations and Songs of Moses, constituting his Farewell to the People of Israel.
  • The twenty-five individuals constituting the group were arranged in an order of merit for each trait, by each of the twenty-four judges.
  • That way of constituting a jury is a certainty of injustice to the Uitlanders, and not a guarantee of justice.
  • In this way are formed reefs of coral and beds of shells and of chalky ooze, all composed of material once constituting the skeletons of animals.
  • This was the mainstay of our meals on the march, a cup of coffee and a thin slice of raw pork between two hardtacks frequently constituting a meal.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Constituting | Constituting Sentence

  • The constituting services had to be abbreviated.
  • The factors constituting this fortune are various.
  • Virtue as knowledge contributes to the good by constituting it.
  • I was constituting myself my patron's censor.
  • When the lesions constituting the eruption are all of one type or character.

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