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  • He felt a curious constriction in his throat.
  • A constriction grew in his throat, and he felt weak.
  • Celt or ax with constriction near the top 31 19.
  • Ollie breathed again; her heart's constriction relaxed.
  • Synthlipsis: the basal constriction of the notocephalon in Notonectids.

How To Use Constriction In A Sentence?

  • It was as if the few gallant words had loosened the awful constriction at her heart.
  • Sometimes the constriction took a longitudinal direction, with the same ultimate result.
  • Small pots without handles, with a constriction or indentation around the middle.
  • The cell is somewhat jug-shaped, owing to a slight constriction just behind the mouth.
  • Then it dawned on me, and I felt a quick constriction of my heart that was both bliss and pain.
  • As she did not return, and still did not, Laura felt a sharp constriction of the heart.
  • It is in the position most used when engaged in common employments, that we are to judge of the constriction of dress.
  • The compatability of stock and scion is yet to be worked out and any constriction at the union may alter the fruiting habits.
  • Betty, with some constriction of heart; but to bring herself into that favoured place she saw little chance now.
  • A painful sense of constriction came in his chest, and he turned pale and stopped with his hand on the lock.
  • There came a swift, painful constriction of his chest that his failing senses interpreted only as the end of things.
  • At sound of the pity and the tenderness of his voice, something seemed to break within her, the awful constriction passed.
  • White, bottle-shaped, with constriction below the middle; scalloped bands and bird figures around the upper third.
  • A modification of this pipette, in which a constriction or short length of capillary tube is introduced just below the plugged mouth (Fig.
  • A sense of fear and constriction was upon me as I drew softly from my pocket a screwdriver I had brought with me.
  • Sub-pedunculate: in Coleoptera, when the constriction between pro- and meso-thorax is so great as to give the appearance of a narrow waist.
  • Surprised at the effect of this ceremonial usage upon herself, she stood a moment with that sense of constriction in the throat which is so common a signal of emotion.
  • Her throat seemed seized with sudden constriction when she discovered that the barrels had been empty and the weapons would have done her no good even if she could have reached them.
  • A constriction exists between these two cavities; but after childbirth this is largely done away with, and there is not that marked difference which existed formerly.
  • A circular constriction of the organism takes place midway between these aggregations, and a septum is formed in the interior of the cell at right angles to its length.
  • Compress the large vein entering the heart, and the part intervening between the point of constriction and the heart becomes empty and the organ pales and shrinks.
  • Between the tongue and the palate, the constriction being caused by the opposition of the tip of the tongue to the anterior portion of the hard palate or the posterior surface of the dental arch.
  • When a given specimen is about to divide, it is seen to elongate slightly, then a constriction is formed, which deepens until complete fission ensues.

Definition of Constriction

The act of constricting, the state of being constricted, or something that constricts. | A narrow part of something; a stricture. | A compression.
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