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  • Then the consultation broke up.
  • Brief was the consultation between the judges.
  • A hurried consultation followed.
  • After some consultation this point was conceded.
  • So there must be a consultation at the castle.
  • There was much consultation over this message.
  • Then there was a consultation among the freshmen.
  • Mary heard a consultation of a minute.
  • The consultation of each party was long and anxious.
  • A consultation was held and it was decided to exhume him.
  • This cold consultation was somewhat distasteful to Forval.
  • After a whispered consultation we decided on this plan of action.
  • And I would like us to hold a little serious consultation before to-morrow.
  • On Wednesday morning a consultation had been held at the Whitney office.

How To Use Consultation In A Sentence?

  • And so it all came about that the consultation so summarily interrupted was never held.
  • The three were engaged in a close consultation as if discussing a matter of vital importance.
  • A consultation was called, to determine whether it was an abscess or an aneurism.
  • Then there was a young man who had held a consultation with him in regard to June.
  • For two days the committee was almost continually in consultation with General Hayes.
  • Hal held a whispered consultation with the others and it was agreed it would be foolish to bring matters to a climax now.
  • It was a consultation between my father and the monk, about the means of getting me back quietly to the convent.
  • His journey in pursuit of his brother had been taken after deep reflection and consultation with Helen.
  • Being scarcely able to walk without the crutches, we called privately a preliminary meeting of friends for consultation and advice.
  • Again those without held a consultation and Chester could barely make out the trend of the conversation.
  • The man knew there was something wrong with the travellers, and turning about, he held a whispered consultation with his wife.
  • There was a last consultation of the officers, instructions were gone over, and everything possible done to insure success.
  • Then, according to agreement, they hauled in at the head of the rapids for a little rest and consultation before making the riffle.
  • The man who can buy anything he covets, without any consultation with his banker, values nothing that he buys.
  • They practiced consultation with the devil by means of their baylans, in order to ascertain natural causes, especially in their illnesses.
  • They had a quiet consultation in the kitchen; and, when the aunt came, there was another whispered conversation among the three.
  • Obeying a touch from the Spaniard I drew back down a few of the stairs and held a hurried consultation with him.
  • The glasses showed it to be an island apparently of volcanic formation, and after a brief consultation with Carmichael, we steered towards it.
  • There are rumours of a secret consultation with the German Chancellor, but that is of little import in this place.
  • Then, descending by the lift, he sought the assistant concierge, and from him discovered that the pair were in consultation in room Number 164.
  • A consultation was held, and it was the unanimous opinion that they should keep on and join McNeil, if they could.
  • So strict is this rule, that the late Mr. Fauntleroy solicited a consultation there in vain with his other counsel and myself.
  • I held immediate consultation with Darrie and Hildreth and they were both scared blue ... but they were game, too.
  • For it would lay with their father to appoint a successor, and it was not to be supposed that he would undertake a task of such importance except in full consultation with themselves.
  • In the meantime Colonel Edwards had been holding a consultation with the Montenegrin officer who had first accosted the friends.
  • Much as the airmen desired to start at once in their search for the monster cannon, it was deemed wise to have first a consultation and a general understanding of what means should be employed.

Definition of Consultation

the act of consulting | a conference for the exchange of information and advice | An appointment or meeting with a professional person, such as a doctor.
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