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How To Use Consulter In A Sentence?

  • Live Search Books permet de consulter les livres scannés avec les mots-clés surlignés.
  • Il est toutefois possible de consulter Feed en entrant son nom de domaine dans la Wayback Machine.
  • Sur la guerre des Albigeois, on peut consulter la chronique de Pierre de Vaulxcernai, ad.
  • During his work the indexer must constantly ask himself what it is for which the consulter is likely to seek.
  • The consulter is annoyed to find no additional information in the book to what is already given in the index.
  • Tu etais la, tout a l'heure, tu m'as entendue consulter un homme d'argent sur des affaires d'argent.
  • Common feeling with the consulter and insight into his mind, so that the indexer may put the references he has drawn from the book under headings where they are most likely to be sought.
  • When the indexer is absorbed in the work upon which he is working, he takes for granted much with which the consulter coming fresh to the subject is not familiar.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Consulter | Consulter Sentence

  • Allons consulter la boussole!
  • Pourquoi ne pas consulter le ministre du Roi?
  • Espagne consulter mes amis dont je vais implorer les conseils.
  • Mozart, à coup sûr, eût mieux fait de consulter son goût à lui.

Definition of Consulter

One who consults, or asks counsel or information.
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