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  • It is in vain for the consumers to say, we will separate our case from that of the producers, and care not, so as we get low prices, what comes of them.
  • It would be infinitely fairer, as between different classes of consumers, to put a moderate duty on a large number of articles than to put an enormous duty on two or three.
  • The progressive utilisation of machinery depends upon the continuance of this indiscriminate consumption, and the willingness of consumers to employ every increase of income in demanding larger and larger quantities of goods of the same pattern and character.
  • In this case it would be an injustice to consumers to make them contribute, over and above the cost of operating the plant, an additional amount sufficient to pay interest on the investment, inasmuch as they have supplied the capital with which the business is carried on.
  • The Supreme Court's decision turned on the judgment that it was a "fair use" under U.S. copyright law for consumers to record television programs for time-shifting purposes.
  • It is not the French merchants only who are occupied in procuring provisions for France in time of need, and if their interest leads them irresistibly to accomplish their task at the smallest possible cost, the competition which they create amongst each other leads them no less irresistibly to cause the consumers to partake of the profits of those realised savings.
  • The consumption of hats and woollen cloths has also been diminished, but not to the same considerable extent by the colonial manufactures of the same denomination, which are likewise much inferior to the British, but have the two-fold advantage of being cheaper, and to be obtained for wool, grain, meat, etc. without the intervention of money, which it is generally out of the power of the consumers to furnish.
  • The point is, then, that there is a chance that a new (or old, but underrecognized) method of production could flourish in ways that seem truly valuable--valuable to free speech, innovation, scientific discovery, the wallets of consumers, to what William Fisher calls "semiotic democracy,"25 and, perhaps, valuable to the balance between joyful creation and drudgery for hire.
  • "This tariff has sacrificed the interest of the whole of the consumers to temporary coalitions of private interests.
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