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Definition of Contact

(transitive) To touch; to come into physical contact with. | (transitive) To establish communication with something or someone | The act of touching physically; being in close association.

How To Use Contact In A Sentence?

  • At the point where the screw comes in contact with the spring there is a platinum rivet.
  • Rosamond would have sighed over such intimate contact with the rank and file of student life.
  • Between this contact and one side of the line is connected the polarized ringer and the generator.
  • She resisted the temptation to jerk it back as soon as she was aware of its contact with another.
  • We came in contact with the law just sufficient to make us know something of its bearings.
  • By insulating it, all liability of the user receiving shocks by contact with it is eliminated.
  • The right-hand ends of the contact springs are shown projecting beyond the insulating supports.
  • But this contact with her, maddening like too much felicity, destroyed its own end.
  • For warmth we lie in contact with each other "spoon-fashion," in groups of three or more.
  • The armature is in contact with one pole of the permanent magnet and nearly in contact with the other.
  • Sometimes a single pair of electrodes has been employed having a single point of loose contact between them.
  • In contact with a man who had deliberately chosen evil to be his good he had been taught what evil meant.
  • The damping springs are prevented from coming into actual contact with the diaphragm by small insulating pads.
  • When a current leaves a metal in contact with an electrolyte, the metal tends to dissolve into the electrolyte.
  • The armature carries a contact spring adapted to close the local circuit of a lamp whenever it is attracted.
  • This results in the close electrical contact between the sleeve conductor of the cord and the inner metal surface of the shank of the plug.
  • A good rule is never willingly to subject another person to personal contact with any electrical pressure whatever.
  • Nikolai's life had thrown him into contact with all phases of the human problem, low and high.
  • Your spiritual plane slants through many spheres, and has points of contact with a great variety of souls.
  • One of the disadvantages of living in Paris is the constant contact with the odious atmosphere of comparisons.
  • His hands were bloody and torn from contact with the brush, and there was a fresh welt above one eye that gave him a sinister leer.
  • I understood that George's partner was all on fire from the contact with this unique opportunity.
  • An early and interesting form of such imperfect contact transmitter device consisted merely of metal conductors laid loosely in contact.
  • In this act as in others Brant showed that his contact with civilization had not freed him from the basic instincts of his savage nature.
  • This led to his prominence in the peace conference and to his close contact with President Wilson.
  • The army had suffered a good deal from sickness, and Scott was anxious to bring it into contact with the enemy as soon as possible.
  • Another contact operated by the relay closes the circuit of a low-wound clearing-out drop placed across the line, thus bridging it across the line.
  • This limb always being continuous serves, when this "flash" contact is made, to actuate the line signal at the central office.
  • In fact, it was to be expected of almost any man who happened to be thrown in contact with Lyn Rowan for any length of time.
  • Again the current will become large and will blow the fuse which lies between the sneak-current arrester and the point of contact with the source of foreign current.
  • She worried over Pamela and Henry and me, and took constant and extraordinary pains to keep us from coming into contact with the contagion.
  • It will be noted that this explanation applies to equipment at either end of the line, as the fuse lies between the point of contact and the carbon arrester.
  • Variation of the resistance of metal conductors and of contact between metals has served to transmit voice currents, but no material approaches carbon in this property.
  • Always the arrangement is such that the sound waves will vary the intimacy of contact between the electrodes and, therefore, the resistance of the path through the electrodes.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Contact | Contact Sentence

  • Frank now came in contact with these.
  • Possibly this feeling results from our contact with nature.
  • He loved men and women, contact with his own kind.
  • Loose Contact Principle.
  • Very slight the contact was, no more than the touch of a leaf.
  • On what principle does a drop with night-alarm contact operate?

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