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  • Water the container occasionally so that the vermibed remains moist.
  • Then transferred adults from one container to another and then fed them.
  • A clothes boiler makes a good container to use in sterilizing.
  • Sift three times to mix and then place in a dry container and use as required.

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  • If it is not the container should be gone over again with solder to assure its being leak-proof.
  • A few pin-sized holes should be made in the lid of the container as aeration holes.
  • The gun-cotton in a container is placed on a cradle fixed at an angle to the press.
  • Sift twice to thoroughly mix and then place in a dry container and the flour is then ready to use.
  • The container for the denatured alcohol is made from a well soldered tin box of suitable size.
  • There would be a ten (or more) gallon container of ice cream from Johncox Ice Cream Plant.
  • This will force the earthworms to migrate down to the bottom of the container which will have some moisture as compared with the top soil.
  • He picked up a gourd container from the rough bench in the center of the room and took a swallow of the burning liquid.
  • Once the container is full with organic waste, it should be covered with a little soil and allowed to decompose undisturbed.
  • He set the plastic block in a container which would raise it very, very gradually to a specific temperature and hold it there.
  • He set the plastic block in a container which would raise it very, very gradually to a specific temperature and hold it there.
  • After they are in place the container may be filled with denatured alcohol, and the burners lighted and placed under the boiler.
  • Before the wicks are put into the lamps, the container should be tested by filling it with alcohol to see that it is perfectly tight at all joints.
  • It is so easy to substitute the secondary thing for the fundamental, the by-thing for the essential, the container for the thing itself.
  • One of them was opened, and, just as expected, it proved to be a water-tight container for smokeless powder!
  • An emergency toilet, consisting of a watertight container with a snug-fitting cover, would be necessary.
  • After it is heated, it is cooled in the same container by replacing the hot water first with cold water, then ice water.
  • There would not be much danger of drinking radioactive particles in water, as they would sink quickly to the bottom of the container or stream.
  • The straw should be dried in the sun for several days, stored if necessary in an air-tight container and used within two months.
  • If the container is small, a larger container, also with a cover, should be available to empty the contents into for later disposal.
  • With tiny steps, weighted by the burden, it makes its way along, lifting its earthenware container behind it in a slanting position.
  • Or else let the water "settle" in a container for 24 hours, by which time any solid particles would have sunk to the bottom.
  • The result was an open-mouthed bag-like container or bucket, which, inasmuch as the fabric was waterproof, would carry any liquid he placed in it.
  • Ligny lit the lamp, a paraffin lamp, supported on a column, with a cut-glass container inside which the wick was curled up like a tape-worm.
  • As we filled the container at the outer spring, I told him of the revelations and the offer Yuruk had made to me.
  • The spy took something from the baggage container and walked over to the tree, where, Henry judged by the sound, he was fastening a hook.
  • That evening the leaders of the divisions went among their followers and urged that in the morning every water cask and container available for holding water be filled.
  • The idea of using some kind of container for the Trinity device was based on the fact that plutonium was extremely expensive and very difficult to produce.
  • The argument is directed against that mode of explaining the difference between the psychical and the physical which employs a subjective mind or 'knower' as the container of the merely subjective aspects of reality.
  • When the toilet container needs to be emptied, and outside radiation levels permit, the contents should be buried outside in a hole 1 or 2 feet deep.
  • In preparing distilled water on a large scale, the steam is generated in a boiler or other metal container and condensed by passing it through a pipe made of metal, generally tin.

Definition of Container

Someone who contains; something that contains. | An item in which objects, materials or data can be stored or transported. | (transport) A very large, typically metal, box used for transporting goods.
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