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  • A contemptible creature.
  • Another cause was a contemptible nobility.
  • It is only a contemptible form of existence.
  • And how contemptible it is to be so greedy of money!
  • As if he cared for their contemptible society!
  • Could she really care for that contemptible scoundrel?
  • Hume even branded him as a contemptible coward.
  • The man was a contemptible scoundrel in every way.
  • That little, contemptible child!
  • Caitiff - a contemptible or cowardly person.
  • That contemptible rod became mighty indeed.
  • It was vile, contemptible cowardice and meanness.
  • It was a mean, contemptible trick under the circumstances.
  • Since your game is contemptible with whom can I play here?
  • How small, how contemptible such a God appears!
  • From of old, Life has been infinitely contemptible to him.
  • District-Attorney, contemptible conduct of one, 55.
  • I aint a mean, contemptible cageful of suspicion, I aint.
  • Explain to your children how contemptible such an attitude is.
  • He will make you contemptible in the eyes of all who know you.
  • It stands as the most disgusting and contemptible anachronism in history.
  • Bob had turned out one of the most contemptible cowards that ever stepped.
  • As soldiers, they are the most contemptible curs in the world.
  • These demands the weak and contemptible government could not resist.
  • Abraham plays the part of a timorous, contemptible hypocrite.
  • He had exposed his ignorance of the world, his contemptible candour.
  • When old, he was loathsome and contemptible to both friend and foe.
  • Such a religion would be contemptible in the eyes of every thinking man.
  • The cause of variance may appear contemptible to an indifferent third party.
  • And even if he could cover up what had happened, how contemptible it would be!
  • It's cruel to you, contemptible of me, to be here.

How To Use Contemptible In A Sentence?

  • I mean that by your hateful and contemptible brutality you have driven her from you for ever.
  • There is no more contemptible form of cowardice than to do a thing merely because others do it.
  • Like the contemptible little army itself they proved a factor to be reckoned with.
  • Men are also much more contemptible and useless in their celibacy than are women.
  • What can there be contemptible in automatic machines capable of producing such desirable effects?
  • I know full well how contemptible the affectations and hypocrisies of life are.
  • For it is no vile or contemptible thing which almost all men labour to obtain.
  • I thought better of you, and should have expected you to be above such contemptible jealousy.
  • The snobbishness of culture is the most contemptible of all, for culture knows better.

Definition of Contemptible

deserving contempt
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