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  • He smoked contentedly with his eyes on the girl.
  • Eben was smoking his pipe contentedly and watching her.
  • Herds of cattle browsed contentedly on the rich grass.
  • For twenty-nine years they lived contentedly together.
  • And with a benign expression the philosopher contentedly lit another pipe.
  • Sling a paddle with the next and starve as contentedly as Job.
  • It lay contentedly on his knees, its eyes closed, already fatigued.
  • Peter's eyes had rested contentedly on his own peaceful green walls.

How To Use Contentedly In A Sentence?

  • When it was filled and lighted he leaned back contentedly against a friendly stump.
  • He said nothing to his aunt, but walked contentedly over to find the grandmother.
  • Betty meanwhile was trotting contentedly along, hugging an old earthenware jar.
  • As he sat contentedly reading its beautiful promises, he caught the sound of singing.
  • And now, homeward bound, he was jogging contentedly along at the head of the troop.
  • The sunshine made a warm mat on the floor, and the cat was curled contentedly upon it.
  • We lived contentedly on potatoes and eggs, fruit and cream, and abominable butter.
  • Ferdinand remained contentedly in France, licking the hand which had struck him down.
  • Nicer to go contentedly travelling all over, than to take all one's comfort in one's pride.
  • He would leap and whirl around in one of his 'war-dances,' and then go contentedly to bed.
  • And he was grinning contentedly when he returned to Mr. Crawford and his daughter.
  • He is so happy with Rosa that I fancied he would remain contentedly until the war ends.
  • And Mrs. Alexander smiled contentedly because the Count was so kind and chivalrous to her.
  • We have contentedly supposed that the only crop was that of revolutions and the only resources a few jungle fruits.
  • Wallie was now in the doorway and he could make out innumerable dark shapes browsing contentedly in his grain-field.
  • Her hand had sought his at once, her head rested a little wearily but very contentedly upon his shoulder.
  • When we had been together some time we began to be very easy, and to wait contentedly till we should get out of this strait.
  • She nodded, watching him contentedly while he spoke to the chauffeur and then turned to look at her with his level impersonal gaze.
  • The Bishop only knew that he had this night given a promise which had sent a man contentedly on his way.
  • After breakfast snow was again melted for the horses, and the work for the day thus done they seated themselves contentedly round the fire.
  • Daisy drove contentedly home through the afternoon sunlight, which laid bands of brightness across her road all the way home.
  • Glancing across, she saw his drawn face relax a trifle, and he snuggled his thin cheek contentedly against the pillow.
  • Barbara, who a year ago would have resented oblivion for herself, now smiled contentedly and gazed upon a huge solitaire.
  • The priest was sitting contentedly in the sunshine, his walking-stick in his hand, and the gentle breeze stirring his white hair.
  • But nothing particularly fatal happened; and she grew proud to be part of this black energy, and contentedly swung by a strap.
  • While they were contentedly eating, the driver noticed Rico's interested attention.
  • In her sleep she reached out for him contentedly and found his throat, and her fingers rested upon it with little, intermittent, loving pressures.
  • The other, his tall frame stretched upon the ground, his hat tilted over his eyes, and puffing contentedly at a pipe, laughed.
  • And he laughed heartily, upon which the old gentleman began to laugh too, contentedly stroking his mustache, consisting of half a dozen hairs.
  • So, casting another look at his steed, who was contentedly browsing, the Prince climbed up the mountainside in the direction of the sound.
  • Conspicuous in his khaki among this spate of Italian gray, stood an English soldier contentedly munching dry brown bread.
  • Never, thought Jack Compton, as he pulled contentedly at his pipe, had he beheld a more enchanting scene.

Definition of Contentedly

In a contented manner.

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