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  • Each contestant was covered with blood, and presented a pitiable sight.
  • Then, when a second contestant came along, his advent would also be recorded.
  • The Kankanay as well as the Nabaloi contestant always appeals to the sun.

How To Use Contestant In A Sentence?

  • It was that psychological moment when of all things a contestant most desires silence.
  • No boat can leave a division point until every contestant is there to make an even start.
  • A time limit of forty-five seconds was imposed, after which the contestant was to be ruled out.
  • But even if they had time to look it up, which they didn't, the contestant couldn't hear them in a soundproof booth.
  • The master-herald proclaimed the order of the leaping: that each contestant should spring twice, and he whose leaps were the poorest should drop from the other contests.
  • No prizes are regularly given in the group contests, but it is hoped that a plan may be evolved for giving one prize, as the expenses of the winning contestant are large.
  • The enemy was encouraged and pressed on to the attack with renewed vigor; in the former village the scenes of the previous day were repeated, first one and then the other contestant holding it for a time.

Definition of Contestant

A participant in a contest; specifically, a person who plays a game, as on a TV game show.
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