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  • The contestants nodded.
  • The two contestants calculated.
  • Both contestants turned around suddenly.
  • Put the case to the contestants and let them settle it.
  • The contestants were to start from Paris.
  • The contestants were permitted to make repairs to any extent.
  • Nothin' else to do now but get the contestants into it.
  • But before he could reach the spot the two contestants had separated.
  • A pleasant afternoon is selected, and the contestants appear.
  • The contestants were a group of neighbors, headed by a shrewd woman.
  • As soon as the latter had taken their position, the contestants were lined up.
  • Many facts were brought out by contestants before committees of Congress.

How To Use Contestants In A Sentence?

  • The automatic contestants pound and pommel each other after the conventional fashion.
  • Such roars of laughter when one or the other of the too ambitious contestants went to grass!
  • Both of the contestants were skilled pilots, and both were men of fearless daring.
  • The sincerity and public spirit of both contestants helped to lend dignity to the conflict.
  • On either side wooden cleats were nailed down, so that the contestants might brace their feet.
  • While the contestants were out of sight the crowd enjoyed itself by sending all sorts of shouts back and forth.
  • By that time all the contestants were chugging and churning into positions from which they could make quick starts.
  • Smoke rolled from the sides of both contestants and the roar of the guns drowned the shrill cries of the wounded.
  • One or two of the entries had dropped out at the last moment, and there were ten contestants who faced the starter.
  • In anticipation of some remarkable playing, an unusually large gallery would follow the contestants around.
  • The competition is not only tremendous, but dangerous, for in their excitement the contestants frequently wound one another.
  • The object is for the contestants to blow their respective balloons across the room, following as nearly as possible the courses of string.
  • The other contestants retired, for only Alonzo had succeeded hitherto in executing this difficult feat.
  • The contestants are masked; use foils with buttons on the points, and fight according to the strict rules of fencing.
  • When so stuffed, the bags would weigh on an average of 10 pounds, and was used by the contestants in striking their antagonist.
  • In the "hot air" race the contestants are timed as to the number of words each can say in three minutes with the eyes shut.
  • The latter, having formed, stood also towards these two, which now lay between the contestants as the prize to the victor.
  • The cup play went on, the four contestants being well matched, and the shots duly applauded from hole to hole.
  • Spain, Russia, England, Canada, and the new-born United States were the contestants in the arena.
  • This is a "slow" race, that is to say, all contestants progress as slowly as possible to a certain goal.
  • From the horizontal bar a light gate was hung, and the various contestants gave exhibitions of Vaulting.
  • Another American balloon landed in the branches of a tree, while several of the remaining contestants came down in the sea and were rescued.
  • There were several reasons assigned by the contestants for their attack upon Mr. Thompson's will.
  • The island was but the turning point for the contestants and seemed detached from the excitement and preparations which prevailed down at the club house.
  • It was agreed that the contestants were to set each other problems to be worked out on the piano, the victory to be adjudged by the connoisseurs who were present.
  • These men were no mean contestants even in such a race, and, strong as I am, it took my utmost effort to keep ahead of them.
  • In the little respite following the trainers entered and rubbed down the three remaining contestants with oil until their bodies shone again like tinted ivory.
  • The contestants assembled in the little court-room which was crowded with friends of the parties to the suit, and eminent autograph and book-collectors.

Definition of Contestants

plural of contestant
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