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  • But his seas and oceans are not nearly so large compared with his continents and lands.
  • It is a fact well known that continents have periods of elevation and depression.
  • The land animals of the continents were more numerous and of greater stature than at present.
  • If you look closely you will see some narrow streaks crossing the continents like fractures.
  • On the continents of America, Spain had now lost nearly all its its possessions.
  • And through the world the story shall be told, A woman gave new continents to Spain.
  • Amid salutes and cheers the cable was landed and communication between the continents was established.
  • Through his education they reached such a degree of civilization that they subdued and governed continents and nations.
  • And in no time all my continents and lands were swirling water and swiping strokes of house-flannel.
  • Physical and chemical phenomena are concerned in the upheaval of rocks and mountains which govern the contour of the continents of the world.
  • One after another the great heroes sail out across strange seas and penetrate hidden continents each with a torch in his hand.
  • You know that on our own earth the water covers so much larger a surface than the land that the great continents are in reality islands.
  • The backbones of continents usually get broken in many places, but they serve their purpose just as well.
  • Court of Political Justice of the Confederate Continents of New Texas is now in session.
  • This slip is usually only a few inches, but when two continents fall together for only a few inches enormous energy is developed.
  • John Verney in India, in Burmah, in Africa (he took continents in his stride), moved colossal.
  • Hence arose three great cycles of myths, which recur with strangely similar physiognomies in all continents and among all races.
  • John Verney in India, in Burmah, in Africa (he took continents in his stride), moved colossal.
  • To give a language and a religion to two thirds of the American continents is not the work of weaklings nor of degenerates.
  • Noticing closely, we see forms of continents outlined in bright relief, and oceanic forms in darker surfaces.
  • In the animal kingdom, America is far inferior to the other and more ancient continents of the globe.
  • It glints through history and legend, appearing and disappearing, with intervals of a hundred years in time and continents in place.
  • Mr Kipling does not write tales out of the mere fullness of his life in many continents and his talk with all kinds of men.
  • It must not be supposed that the Pal├Žozoic flora remained in undisturbed possession of the continents during the whole of that long period.
  • The reddish-yellow tracts are doubtless continents of an ochrey soil; and not, as some think, of a ruddy vegetation.
  • There were other continents in Bilbimtesirol which we had already dimly seen spread upon the concave walls of the world around us.
  • We look at the Isthmus in contrast with the two vast continents that lie to the northwest and southeast, and the connecting link appears small.
  • Dr. Drago had made his proposal as "a statement of policy" for the states of the American continents to adopt.
  • Thus whole continents of danger may be shunned by the dramatist, and instead of being scorned for his cowardice he will be very rightly applauded for his artistic discretion.
  • Another feature of the earth at that date must have been the vast volcanic agencies at work; whole continents were at intervals submerged or uplifted.
  • This second great development in communication served to bring the two continents much closer together in business and in thought and has proved of untold benefit.
  • The very earthquake which shakes the earth to its center and shatters cities into ruin, prevents by that very concussion the graver catastrophes which bury continents out of sight.
  • She liked its skies unclouded by smoke, translucent skies in which silver mountains of clouds reared themselves out of airy continents that shifted and drifted before the wind.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Continents | Continents Sentence

  • Communication between continents was tardy and difficult.
  • The old days of virgin continents will be gone.
  • Two continents were deeply stirred over the impending alliance.
  • There are several continents and islands yet to be heard from.
  • Europe found other continents soft butter to her trenchant blade.
  • It is just as easy to think in continents as to think in cobble-stones.
  • As between thought and substance, the two continents interchange offices.

Definition of Continents

plural of continent
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