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  • This perplexity, for those who were aware of it, gave rise to continual scenes.
  • The day passed in butchering and drying meat, in a continual round of feasting.
  • Besides these murders and acts of violence robbery is of continual occurrence in the Saskatchewan.
  • I reflect that no one can give a better account of the treasury than he who has continual care of it.
  • There is no doubt that the morale of submarine personnel is much affected by continual nerve-strain.
  • It is by the slow process of continual suggestion that both women consumers and distributing agencies will be awakened to the problem.
  • All other means would imply the continual intervention of an authority that would be repugnant to free men.
  • But his continual personification of abstract ideas makes the greater part of his verse lifeless as allegories or as sculpture in a graveyard.
  • A 2-1/2-inch pipe above the saws pours a continual stream of sand and water over the block.
  • Theoretically such a strainer should work well, but in actual practice nearly all strainers are a source of continual worry.
  • We understand that these baths have been in operation for nine years, with a continual increase of reputation and number of visitors.
  • Oh, why should we, by continual sacrifice, confirm our natural idolatry of created things?
  • My first thought was to get some eminent divine interested through a cure that would compel him to a continual talk as to how he became saved.
  • Such was the indefatigable precaution and forethought of this robber chief, who really gave continual evidences of military talent.
  • He would keep the audience in a continual roar, and then come behind the scenes and fret and fume and play the very devil.
  • The night was a noisy one, for there was a continual passing on the road, and occasional shouts came faintly to her.
  • I have had to contend with, and how difficult my government was through these causes, and through continual indisposition, especially of late.
  • The decanters and wine-bottles on the move, and the beer and soda founts pouring out continual streams, with a whiz.
  • With such continual draughts of tea, only the crystalline air, and the healthy dryness of the climate keeps them from drugging themselves to death.
  • There was a continual murmur of insects and flashes of rainbow-colored light as the tiny, brilliant humming birds whirred among the flowers.
  • His presence on board is a continual source of trouble, and I shall be glad to have authority from you to dismiss him.
  • Strict discipline and continual military drill are very important points, specially recommended to the attention of the Dessave.
  • The rain had now ceased its continual pour, but it burst in sharp, short showers, that smote us with the keenness of hail.
  • Swartzman was, and is, a magnificent talker ... a torch of inspiration burned brightly in his brain, with continual conversational fire.
  • If it were in constant use, the continual rubbing together of the coins would mean a no less steady, though slight, wearing away of their surface.
  • It had grown a bit galling and monotonous, the continual misrepresentations of ourselves and what Hildreth and I were trying to stand for.
  • Matthew Paris gravely records that at his funeral, despite gusts of wind and rain, the candles furnished a continual light the whole of the way.
  • Although the great formative movements occurred ages ago, yet earthquakes, volcanic action, wind, frost and water are working continual changes.
  • It is the continual extension of the field of enterprise due to private initiative, and the prodigious development of free organizations of all kinds.
  • The history of the years from 1689 to 1763 is a chronicle of continual defeat for governors who were obliged to see one power after another wrenched away from them.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Continual | Continual Sentence

  • Poetry is a continual source of pleasure to him.
  • Matters of war are most subject to continual change.
  • The mirage was almost continual and grossly deceptive.
  • The Italian, di Revel, was a source of continual delight.
  • The continual lightness of the horse at all paces will be the result of it.
  • Listen to the continual explosions of a righteous man aggrieved!
  • No, we must expect a continual divergence in our literatures.
  • He keeps a continual tone and posture of menace to secure this his only point.
  • I heard the hammers stop plying their continual rhythmical beat.
  • To Lawrence the mountain scenery was a continual source of delight.

Definition of Continual

Recurring in steady, rapid succession. | (proscribed) Seemingly continuous; appearing to have no end or interruption. | (proscribed) Forming a continuous series.
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