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How To Use Continuous In A Sentence?

  • There was not at the time a continuous attendance of clerks at the glass partition.
  • It is a continuous one, with a feature that will enhance your business materially.
  • His continuous practice in talking enables him easily to outdistance all ordinary competitors.
  • It is only intelligible and credible to us as a system, a continuous and regular development.
  • This remarkably successful ship has performed a continuous flight of 11-1/2 hours.
  • The towers, which at a distance had seemed part of a continuous whole, now detached themselves.
  • The "controlled establishment" system evoked more or less continuous opposition.
  • Aisne and the Meuse, where the French are having continuous and stiff fighting.
  • Sheridan of course meant the whole front of the Sixth and Nineteenth to keep in a continuous line.
  • In the same time the country arrived at the conclusion that separation and continuous peace were impossible.
  • The lightning came so fast now that the sky was aflame with it, and the thunder was continuous and deafening.
  • The history of institutions is traced back in a continuous line to an age before there was any family or any such thing as property.
  • The same law is observed in the animal kingdom, where a continuous race is produced from a single pair.
  • This was probably the longest continuous performance without formal rest period in the history of this or any other courier service.
  • The spreading crowns of the trees and the interlacing vines form a nearly continuous canopy over the lower layers.
  • Starting each season with completely clean sand and equipment will not prevent the appearance of algae over a long season of continuous operation.
  • That storm was almost a record-breaker: more than a fortnight of continuous snow and extreme low temperature.
  • An obvious drawback would be evident if these bales happened to be exposed to direct sunlight or a continuous high temperature.
  • By continuous smoking, average sheets prepared from standardised latex can be fully cured in five days.
  • The drama does not unfold gradually, as it does in the music-play, with its continuous flow of music marking the subtlest changes.
  • Loyd was reading to them; at least so the continuous and equable tone of his voice indicated, as it rose in the thin and silent air.
  • The product of all the heads is next united, condensed, formed into a continuous sliver, and deposited in a can.
  • We assume, therefore, until it be disproved, that in this as in other departments of human activity, growth has been continuous from the first.
  • The task of self-discipline is represented as one requiring faith and courage, the continuous efforts of a lifetime, and unceasing watchfulness.
  • There is no doubt, therefore, that the line forms one continuous series, and if so it links together pages 38 and 43 as they are now numbered.
  • This limb always being continuous serves, when this "flash" contact is made, to actuate the line signal at the central office.
  • Dr. McLean always insisted that it was continuous giggling that kept them all from freezing that bitter night.
  • The "everlasting corn will" reminds a little of the old folk-lore tale of the everlasting salt mill whose continuous grinding makes the ocean salt.
  • There is a continuous flowing of graceful lines, in this one figure, with much breadth, that give it a largeness of style, extremely powerful.
  • Who put up the electric lightin' and heatin' plant, and installed the forty-eight miles of continuous trolley track all under one transfer system?
  • Sometimes a machine carries both bombs and a camera, and, as it drops its missiles, keeps a continuous record of its "hits" to carry home.
  • This is undoubtedly the goal towards which primary education should be directed, but it can only be reached by steady and continuous effort spread over a long term of years.
  • Occasionally instead of a series of photographs of a trench line or limited area, a continuous set of pictures of a broad space of country is desired.
  • Judy and Tommy climbed in, amid excited questions and explanations, which presently settled into a continuous monotone of complaint from Tommy.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Continuous | Continuous Sentence

  • The ascent is continuous and precipitous.
  • His stepping upward has been continuous and earned.
  • Outwardly his life seems a continuous hurly-burly.
  • It is the little but continuous causes that have great effects.
  • On your own showing your life seems to be a continuous running away.
  • Another volley followed, and then the continuous roar of independent firing.

Definition of Continuous

Without stopping; without a break, cessation, or interruption | Without intervening space; continued | (botany) Not deviating or varying from uniformity; not interrupted; not joined or articulated.
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