Contradict In A Sentence

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  • Wallie did not contradict her.
  • You seem to me to contradict yourself.
  • Godfrey had no desire to contradict him.
  • The tantalizing talker is one who likes to contradict you.
  • Mr. Weatherley did not contradict him.
  • And I had never found it healthy to contradict Jenkins.
  • Don't you contradict me.
  • All the same you may confidently contradict any such denial as that.
  • For he is compelled to contradict himself as soon as he makes the attempt.
  • Here she looked round the dingy room as if daring it to contradict her.
  • Not only does it contradict fact and experience, it contradicts reason.
  • It was a relief to her that Olivia should contradict them promptly.
  • Nathanael smiled, so loth to contradict her, or thwart her pretty ways.
  • Still, woman, still D'ye contradict me?
  • But, I repeat it, these two missions of the law contradict each other.
  • When I introduced the word 'is,' did I not contradict what I said before?
  • Why then d'ye contradict me, simpleton? SOSTRA.
  • If 'no,' I contradict you--very rude.

How To Use Contradict In A Sentence?

  • Before either man was quick enough to contradict her, the shock had done its work.
  • The proverb says that liars need good memories, so as not to contradict their own sayings.
  • From a logical standpoint, ideas may contradict each other, but that refers to their meaning.
  • He at once wrote to the King, in order to contradict all that he had recently written.
  • I did not exactly like this idea, but I could not contradict the calm, mellow voice.
  • The President therefore at once requested Mr. Lansing to contradict the statements of the Press.
  • Besides this, other readings have been given, all of which have the advantage that few can contradict them.
  • But that does not contradict the other fact that pain is exhausting and that the fight against the pain decreases the resistance of the organism.
  • He will at once point out that he is compelling us to contradict ourselves, by affirming being of not-being.
  • The disappearance of the blue cloak was the only point which seemed to contradict the theory of accidental drowning.
  • And try to contradict him, and he'll fill your house with a whole regiment of soldiers.
  • Can ye, then, both be rightly applying the conceptions in matters wherein your opinions contradict each other?
  • To say, then, that the book did not contain the sentiments of their party is not to contradict the author or to clear themselves.
  • It will be observed that this fact does not contradict the law of definite composition, for entirely different substances are formed.
  • Where the notes contradict the Instructions the orders conveyed by the former are to be followed.
  • Though rather dark on the subject, it seems not to contradict the motion of the earth, or the doctrine of gravitation.
  • Though he may be wholly guiltless, he cannot afford to contradict the customer, nor to challenge him to a vocal duel.
  • His eyes rolled wildly, and those who knew him took care not to contradict him, or to have anything to say to him at all.
  • Clearly, neither has any share in either; for if they say anything else, they will contradict themselves.
  • And the last may be either a maker of long speeches, or of shorter speeches which compel the person conversing to contradict himself.
  • Read not to contradict and confute, nor to believe and take for granted, nor to find talk and discourse, but to weigh and consider.
  • With such things before our eyes, our feelings contradict our theories; and when this is the case, the feelings are true, and the theory is false.

Definition of Contradict

To deny the truth of (a statement or statements). | To deny the truth of the statement(s) made by (a person). | To be contrary to (something).
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