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  • Quite decidedly she contradicted him.
  • Jean contradicted him pitilessly.
  • There is no theory more contradicted by facts.
  • I neither confirmed nor contradicted it.
  • An idea is contradicted by proving its impossibility.
  • It contradicted every tradition of her upbringing.
  • Indeed it is virtually contradicted by their whole tenor.
  • She had never in her life been contradicted or opposed.
  • He never opposed or contradicted her, but stayed apart.
  • Indeed Estelle contradicted him very forcibly.
  • Perhaps it was my fault; I contradicted her.
  • The Constitution contradicted the Declaration.
  • But this account is contradicted by Bishop Forbes.
  • I have contradicted it and asked Anne Robertson to do so.
  • We ought not to suppose that he contradicted himself in this way.
  • No," she contradicted herself.
  • It contradicted the other side, and insisted on the same thing as before.
  • The observations contradicted the calculations; they were wrong!
  • But the expression of the dark, heavy face contradicted her pose.
  • It does not mean that Aristotle really contradicted himself.
  • But to-day contradicted yesterday, and to-morrow proved both untrustworthy.
  • Thus Count Czernin is categorically contradicted by facts.
  • She never cried," contradicted Na-che flatly.
  • The future husband to be contradicted may be Sidney Trefusis.
  • He never contradicted this rumor--not once.

How To Use Contradicted In A Sentence?

  • But this supposition is impossible, because it is too clearly contradicted by the facts.
  • Nobody has since contradicted this statement, so it has been given the benefit of the doubt.
  • In the end this history was known, and has been neither contradicted nor disavowed by anybody.
  • Moreover there was nothing in the Constitution which expressly contradicted it.
  • The machine would follow its own solution, even if the other three contradicted it.
  • A boyish straightforwardness of manner contradicted their coquettish curliness, however.
  • Suffice it to say that it answered and contradicted the Boer sentiments with vigour.
  • He tried, clumsily enough, to moderate his statements, and almost contradicted himself.
  • Certain it is that Councils and Popes have contradicted and anathematized each other.
  • It professes to rest on experience, and yet no Christian legend ever contradicted experience more.
  • At the table he bewildered, angered, and contradicted poor old Jack with political argument.
  • She was not going to be contradicted by anybody, least of all a Bell from Avonlea.
  • This was immediately contradicted by the Government, as follows: To the Public.
  • The list of the payments made to them was published, when it could have been contradicted if untrue.
  • Their affirmation need not be contradicted unless it be intended to mean that originally they were one and the same thing.

Definition of Contradicted

Disputed; questioned. | simple past tense and past participle of contradict
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