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  • Beardsley ten dollars for contradicting him in the street.
  • You think that I am contradicting myself, but I am not.
  • I knew you'd be contradicting even here.
  • She was lying now, for she was contradicting what she had said just before.
  • She was ashamed of not contradicting him, yet she did not contradict.
  • He is ever fighting with the men, and contradicting the women.
  • He concocted no complicated story, so ran no risk of contradicting himself.
  • Science, instead of contradicting religion, has but affirmed its truths.
  • And when the Maid spoke thus, there was no contradicting or gainsaying her.
  • Now he thrusts aside The Love-god, contradicting his first tale.

How To Use Contradicting In A Sentence?

  • Nor did Hortense now think of contradicting the calumnies that had been circulated concerning her.
  • I was on the point of contradicting her, but I restrained myself and said nothing.
  • Your bare word 'separate,' contradicting your bare word 'joined,' seems to exclude connexion.
  • Think of the cuckoo telling such a dreadful story and those naughty daffodils not contradicting him!
  • This fact does not give any room for contradicting him or any right to infer that it is all imagination.
  • Helen did not choose to make a confidante of her mother, so there was little fear of her contradicting anything.
  • Frederick, in order to make himself disagreeable to the other, took a pleasure in contradicting him.
  • They are at it, contradicting what they agree with, and asking definitions of what they perfectly understand.
  • We are taught that liberty of speech should never be carried to the extent of contradicting the dead witnesses of a popular superstition.
  • All her thoughts were busy inventing indifference; and her consciousness was at each turn confusing and contradicting her thoughts.
  • But that does not exclude the fact that indeed almost mysterious cures can be made without really contradicting the scientific theories.
  • She wished she had not refused so hastily such a simple request; she began to think herself a wretch for ever contradicting him in anything.
  • So true it is, that the most systematic thinker, who begins by denying the truth, will be sure to end by contradicting himself.
  • The old woman cautioned Lenz against contradicting his wife; it was not well for her or the child she bore.
  • I hope the House will forgive me for contradicting such a small thing, but small things are sometimes much used.
  • I think the truth is that these two contradictories lie side by side in Parmenides unreconciled, and still mutually contradicting each other.
  • Elmsley, so far from regarding Euripides as mainly a thinker, remarks in passing that he was a poet singularly addicted to contradicting himself.
  • Before I could print it despatches came contradicting the news of the old Hungarian's death.
  • Thus whereas in the first dialogue the recipient merely quarrelled with the expositor without contradicting him, in this dialogue he contradicts him.
  • We have said that the prevailing characteristic of these semi-philosophers is the love of contradicting whatever to the majority of men seems a simple and intelligible truth.
  • One thing is certain, that a weak man uniformly shows his consequence by contradicting his wife, because he will not have it supposed that he is under her influence.
  • If theologians were not constantly contradicting each other, they would know, from their own hypotheses, that man can not be called free for an instant.
  • We are almost drawn into the dispute ourselves, and are disposed to ventilate a score of outrageous paradoxes, for the mere satisfaction of contradicting such wiseacres.
  • He denied ever having seen them before, but frequently betrayed himself by addressing them by their pet household names, and by contradicting them with regard to trivial occurrences.
  • He guesses with no one contradicting him that rice is useful, that flour is still more useful, and that every pound we can find in the native shops should be taken.
  • He annoyed him every day unnecessarily, rejecting all his candidates, ill-treating his friends, and contradicting his opinions with ill-concealed disdain.
  • In short, without outraging reason and contradicting every dictum of common sense, it is difficult to describe much that belonged to ancient monasticism in any other spirit than that of impatience.

Definition of Contradicting

present participle of contradict
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