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  • All have contradictory myths.
  • Nature stood before them with its contradictory forces.
  • There is nothing contradictory in such an absolute.
  • Duty and will are even contradictory terms.
  • Patriotism meant two contradictory things.
  • I pondered uncomfortably on these rather contradictory statements.
  • The assertions made on this subject are of a very contradictory character.
  • What strange contradictory instincts and desires make up our beings!
  • In itself it is contradictory and confused; and b'.
  • A number of persons came to give me all kinds of contradictory advice.
  • As to the state of the road beyond, we receive contradictory reports.

How To Use Contradictory In A Sentence?

  • What is the true cause of this hubbub of inconsequent words and contradictory actions?
  • There were pleasanter pastimes, even for the women, contradictory as this may seem.
  • Side by side in the American character there lie two apparently completely contradictory traits.
  • The Bible, though inspired, is full of difficulties; there are contradictory texts.
  • It causes nations to consider their moral and their material interests as contradictory to each other.
  • At present we have to collect all that is known of his life from various scattered and contradictory sources.
  • The future occupied him with a force and intensity he thought most contradictory to his political duties.
  • It is unreasonable to suppose that contradictory dispatches were sent to one or another of these two men.
  • But this confused and contradictory proceeding gave rise to a practical error of worse consequence.
  • Again, the opposites themselves may vary from the least degree of diversity up to contradictory opposition.
  • The most contradictory reports were in circulation, without any possibility of confirming their truth or falsity.
  • These statements may appear dubious at first sight, and contradictory to the evidence of our senses.
  • The people are the natural control on authority; but to exercise and to control together is contradictory and impossible.
  • Two contradictory accusations do not always destroy each other, even when they are made by judges equally competent.
  • The statements contradictory to those of Kollmann are probably to be explained by the brevity of the observations.
  • These are, in many respects, directly contradictory of the character which history proves her to have possessed.
  • If it avoid the parcelling of virtue into a number of imperfect and sometimes contradictory parts, it does so only to present a bare negation.
  • The effect of their miserably evasive and contradictory evidence, when under examination, can never be forgotten by those who were present.
  • The will of a nation is a composite will, and its history is full of contradictory impulses, and also full of surprises.
  • These various hypotheses are contradictory enough from a logical point of view; they exclude and destroy one another.
  • Unquestionably this statement is contradictory in itself, and, at all events, cannot possibly be sustained to the extent of the assertion.
  • Plainly this is a topic which the lay student will find full of pitfalls, and on which even scholars may well arrive at contradictory opinions.
  • On hearing this apparently contradictory answer, many of the hearers could scarcely refrain from giving vent to indignant feelings.
  • We rely on a certain good humour and education in the upper class to interpret to us our contradictory Constitution.
  • An antinomy is a proof that, since two contradictory propositions equally follow from a given assumption, that assumption must be false.
  • This view may appear somewhat contradictory to the one expressed when dealing with the subject of Emigration; but really it is not so.
  • Analogy, therefore, vindicates the assumption that the unknown, like the known, is the field of the operation of contradictory powers.
  • It is contradictory to the civilizing task of the nations for them to be armed to the teeth, lying in wait for the moment when they can devour each other.
  • This, I believe, is confessed on all hands, diverse and contradictory as the theories how such help could best be given may be.

Definition of Contradictory

That contradicts something, such as an argument. | That is itself a contradiction. | That is diametrically opposed to something.
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