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  • It contradicts my reason.
  • Experience contradicts this sublime revery.
  • The fact brought out here contradicts such statements.
  • They slur over every thing that contradicts their theories.
  • The theory of Protagoras contradicts itself.
  • He then contradicts in his music all that his words have said.
  • A morality which contradicts the nature of man is not made for him.
  • But the inference contradicts the whole scope and tendency of his missions.
  • Not only does it contradict fact and experience, it contradicts reason.
  • Arius he sometimes contradicts in set terms, though without naming him.
  • This contradicts in no way the very just reservation of Romanes.
  • Whoever calls gold sheet metal or sheet metal gold, contradicts himself.
  • We know that it is not true--that it contradicts itself.
  • Aunt Ann never contradicts him--what he wants, she wants.

How To Use Contradicts In A Sentence?

  • The policy of coalitions contradicts internally the regime of the revolutionary dictatorship.
  • This fact of the universal interconnection of things contradicts the untrained prejudice.
  • But the theory of evolution contradicts this at every step along the whole line.
  • Their apparent confidence, on the one hand, contradicts their suspicion on the other.
  • Consequently, even where one page contradicts another, the fact goes undetected.
  • The one contradicts the other only in those brains who do not understand the positive outcome of philosophy.
  • The differentiation of things no more contradicts their unity than their unity contradicts their differentiation.
  • What other theory do we believe which contradicts all that we know to be true in regard to the subject to which it refers?
  • It teaches that contradictions cannot exist, and contradicts itself by clinging to the belief that there are irreconcilable contradictions.
  • If you express doubt, your expression contradicts its content, for the doubt itself is not doubted but affirmed.
  • In the man who contradicts and strives with her, she discovers a truer interest, a nobler respect.
  • Up to this time no experience in comparative anatomy has transpired which contradicts that theory; on the contrary, they all lead up to it.
  • But this, as you see, contradicts the other idealist principle, of a mental fact being just what it appears to be.
  • An artist who thus contradicts himself is a perplexing problem, but we must judge him by the habitual, not the occasional.
  • This directly contradicts the theory of the necessity of a direct operation of the Spirit to enable men to obey him.
  • It goes forward and back, contradicts itself, sympathizes with all parties or none, and lives in a limbo.
  • If there has been or is anything that contradicts this, it is where such minor officials are paid and are given title by his Majesty.
  • At any rate, his gospel flatly contradicts the others in several important particulars in the history of the Resurrection.
  • These, however, they have restored at the command of the Ilkhani, which contradicts their assertion.
  • But I will tell him, do you not see that everything in this world contradicts the good qualities which you attribute to your God?
  • The Freethinker fears not to follow a conclusion to the utmost limits of truth, whether it coincides with the Bible or contradicts it.
  • It is a remarkable feature of this bond, that, in so far as Mary is concerned, it very materially contradicts the act of Council.
  • Slander is guilty because it contradicts this; yet even in slander itself, perversion as it is, the interest of man in man is still distinguishable.
  • A nice Solicitor never contradicts a Lady, and therefore knows the law infinitely better than the disagreeable fogies, who are so obstinate.
  • There is scarcely one proverb which has not got another proverb that flatly contradicts it, and between the two it would be very odd if there was not a great deal of sound sense somewhere.
  • If the mind finds a new truth that contradicts the old dogma, the truth must be strangled that the dogma may hold its power over the thoughts and deeds of men.

Definition of Contradicts

Third-person singular simple present indicative form of contradict
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