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  • Osiris is the god of good, in contradistinction to Set, the god of evil.
  • International Legislation' in contradistinction to Municipal Legislation.

How To Use Contradistinction In A Sentence?

  • The contradistinction between force and matter is as old as that between idealism and materialism.
  • This 'highest good' we are offered, stands out in clear contradistinction to these.
  • In contradistinction to this was the will of Mr. Edward Concanen, proved in 1868.
  • Thus, in contradistinction from all other railway or tramway practice, the flanges were not on the wheels, but on the rails themselves.
  • Vaulting in which a series of small domes are employed; in contradistinction to a waggon-head vault, or an intersecting vault.
  • It will be noticed that the female element takes precedence of the male in contradistinction to Semitic ideas.
  • Sometimes we speak of "poetry" in contradistinction to prose: sometimes in contradistinction to bad poetry.
  • This term became technically appropriated to the poetry, or substance of whatever was sung, in contradistinction to the musical accompaniment.
  • Nekheb, the vulture, was the goddess of the south, in contradistinction to Uazit, the serpent, the goddess of the north.
  • It is designed to illustrate the possibility of our choosing actions that will give pleasure to others, in contradistinction to actions that will give pleasure to ourselves.
  • In contradistinction to this a natural grain exhibits no harshness or indistinctness in the gradations of tone, and retains its clearness and sharpness throughout the printing operation.
  • But Iranian is a less localized name, and one wants such a name in contradistinction to Turanian and Semitic.
  • The meaning of the term 'International Legislation' in contradistinction to Municipal Legislation.
  • The stony ground, in contradistinction to the sandstone ranges, appears to have been formed from the detritus of the latter, deposited in undulating beds of vast extent.
  • But in contradistinction to modern times the movement was very slow indeed, and, moreover, in each case it was strongly localized; while the field of endeavor was narrow.
  • The truth is, the form of the covered tones of the voice, through elongation, is larger than the form of those which we call the open tones, in contradistinction to the covered.

Definition of Contradistinction

Distinction by contrast; the provision of one example against which another example may be defined. | The quality of being contradistinctive.
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