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  • But there is a contrary case.
  • Let him prove the contrary if he can.
  • On the contrary they moved with a freer step.
  • Consequently they acted contrary to what they had declared and voted.
  • Therefore they were acting contrary to their words and deeds.
  • What is actually done is rather to make the contrary presupposition.

How To Use Contrary In A Sentence?

  • On the contrary she liked him so well as to find herself a little shy with him.
  • This hint of the contrary gave her a strong sensation, not altogether unpleasurable.
  • He seemed on the contrary to court society; and in fact to seek anything rather than be alone.
  • In the one case, the thing would be above reason, and in the other, contrary to reason.
  • The British consul at that point protested against this act as contrary to the treaty of Managua.
  • He would not observe anything contrary to this contract, even if ordered by the King and Council.
  • What I did was simple, though I dare say contrary to every scientific principle of charity.
  • As I hastily drew out my night-key I noticed that the door, contrary to custom, stood half open.
  • This order is to be carried out as long as no contrary orders are received from higher authorities.
  • Quite to the contrary his intensive training in the technical side of aviation becomes even more exacting.
  • If there could be no contrary opinion, he would have been glad of some sign of approval or applause.
  • I made the contrary declaration only to suspend the excessive pains of torture, and to mollify those who made me endure them.
  • The boy endured all the rage and scorn that a threat so contrary to all schoolboy codes of honour and friendship might deserve.
  • They will have irregular prayers and preachings, which are contrary to the discipline of the Church.
  • Meanwhile all the required vessels must be got ready, so that no animals need be left behind on account of contrary winds.
  • What is so contrary to our preconceived ideas proves itself, however, by experience efficient in an almost supernatural or miraculous manner.
  • These steamers, even with thirty foot paddle-wheels, were not fast; on the contrary they were extremely slow.
  • Around the men twined a wreath of young girls, holding one another by the hand, and twirling in a contrary direction.
  • He was asleep before his head had met the pillow; and for all he knew to the contrary he dreamed of Yasmini all night long.
  • The road was smooth, and, contrary to the general run of roads in this section, comparatively free from sand and dust.
  • I cannot say this proceeding pleased me, but on the contrary cost me many a cold sweat until I became accustomed to it.
  • Men may prove and use their friends, and not presume upon their friendship in things contrary to the decrees of Heaven.
  • There have been sporadic raids, much as usual, but nothing one brigade could not easily deal with, the paid press to the contrary notwithstanding.
  • True, the contrary volition might happen without implying a contradiction; for God himself might cause it to exist.
  • But Jonah seemed to have nothing to do this afternoon, and sat, contrary to custom, reading the newspaper.
  • How contrary this is to all we have hitherto known of the conservation of energy and of the impossibility of obtaining perpetual motion or continued power!
  • The two prisoners declared that, contrary to the assertion of the prisoner at Ticonderoga, a large force lay encamped by the lake.
  • The Lateran Council, other apostolic constitutions and ordinances or other decrees, to the contrary notwithstanding.
  • You know the professional neighborly love a deaconess practices would be contrary to my nature, like a public display of piety and love for God.
  • Upon the Szeklers, however, Apafi's resolution produced just the contrary effect.
  • Do the same yourselves and all being in harmony the interests of our service will be better guarded, which if the contrary is observed, would not be the case.
  • Hence the importance of familiarizing the mind with forms which will assist us in conceiving or expressing the complex or contrary aspects of life and nature.
  • Jonah stayed to tea that night, contrary to his usual habit, for Mrs Yabsley was anxious to have the matter settled.
  • By these last words Banfi wished to make the Prince understand that he ought to spare his wife, but they produced exactly the contrary effect.

Definition of Contrary

Opposite; in an opposite direction; in opposition; adverse. | Opposed; contradictory; inconsistent. | Given to opposition; perverse; wayward.
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