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  • Barnett looked at him with contrite eyes.
  • Ingleby was even more contrite than she expected.
  • For the remission of all contrite soules.
  • A contrite voice replied.
  • He bowed his head in contrite humiliation.
  • God dwells with the contrite as much as with the humble.
  • This is a lovely morning for contrite meditation.
  • My contrite heart with inward sorrows bleeds.
  • She makes a contrite bow toward the front of the house.
  • He wants to see in us a broken and contrite heart.
  • The familiar action, his contrite look, were too much.
  • The tones of Wilfred were contrite and full of humility.
  • And Shorty tried to look contrite and penitent.
  • I've been rather contrite about it.
  • The other class of those who are truly great are the contrite in spirit.
  • No pilgrim was of humbler mien, nor was any of more contrite spirit.
  • She lifted her contrite face to the judge, tears in her eyes.
  • He nodded miserably, his contrite eyes on the toes of her shoes.
  • Wanda, at once contrite and happy, was filled with apologies and explanations.
  • Like the best of women, she can wound at one moment and be contrite the next.
  • Missy felt suddenly contrite for her defection from faithful Poppy.
  • It is in faith that the Holy One is revealed to the contrite soul.
  • A broken heart, a contrite spirit, a repentant mind, gives joy to God.
  • Let's go back for a minute to the contrite and grateful letter that he wrote.

How To Use Contrite In A Sentence?

  • These were accents flowing from the depths of a truly penitent and contrite soul.
  • Primarily, they do; but morally they apply to every contrite heart on the face of the earth.
  • At sight of his face, its contrite kindliness, her own set again into its determined composure.
  • Would He bow his heavens and come down to dwell with the contrite and the humble?
  • The people were thinking humbly, with contrite hearts, of the shame five years ago.
  • What we need is to have a broken and a contrite heart, and to be willing to receive Him.
  • When Betty, in another contrite fit, went to plead with him to come back, she found him delirious.
  • God dwells with him, "that is of a contrite and humble spirit" We consider I.
  • But where is the chapter which does not contain something which a broken and contrite spirit may not apply to itself?
  • I ought to add that he has tried to make reparation, and is apparently contrite to the limit of his penitential capacity.
  • You know what touched the heart of the father of the prodigal; it was the broken and contrite spirit of his returning son.
  • Her's was "a broken and a contrite heart," and of such is the kingdom of heaven.
  • When she smiled at the contrite Jimmy she scattered the few remaining ideas that lingered in his brain.
  • God accepts no prayers that do not spring from a lowly and contrite heart: and they may be offered by a poor man as well as a rich one.
  • And this I do here, with a heart as contrite as if it were the morrow of the visitation, the which with me it ever has remained.
  • He delights in causing the full tide of His pardoning love to flow into the broken and contrite heart.

Definition of Contrite

Sincerely penitent or feeling regret or sorrow, especially for one’s own actions; apologetic. | (obsolete) Thoroughly bruised or broken. | A contrite person; a penitent.
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