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  • Yet even so, she contrives to make her personality felt.
  • Chance, a poor stand-by, sometimes contrives very well.
  • When the count contrives to return for you he will warn us of his coming.
  • In his notes he contrives a small and unpleasant sensation (vol.
  • I can't imagine how she contrives to know so many things that aren't so.
  • Where a form is full, there Renoir contrives to have a light fall.
  • How this poor man contrives to agree with the partizan of Henry IV.
  • But I wonder anybody ever contrives to die at St. Andrews.

How To Use Contrives In A Sentence?

  • Shakespeare contrives to blend farce with character-study in a way that is truly marvellous.
  • Mr. Hare contrives to convey much of the characteristic impression of each town.
  • He is an optimistic philanthropist, and he contrives to help all the English friends he makes.
  • Error never retains its hold over the mind except under the mask of truth which it contrives to assume.
  • She is attended by a female dragon, but contrives by accident to show an inch or so of charming stocking at the curb.
  • The ingenuity and perseverance of self-interest is proof against prohibitions, and contrives to elude the vigilance of the most active government.
  • The building, therefore, in spite of many successive additions always contrives to preserve the unity of its organic constitution.
  • All these frames rest upon those adjoining and, mixing up their threads, become a common edifice wherein each grub contrives a shelter for itself.
  • Bidding defiance to all difficulty and danger, she contrives gradually to dig a secret way through the soft earth, and suddenly finds herself free.
  • He does choose the strangest places to make love, and always contrives the minute the others go away, to bring the subject round to that.
  • But, whether by means of her countenance, voice, or gestures, she contrives to make all the nuances of her acting felt by the public.
  • In other cases, a person is let down by means of a rope, which is held above by four or five men, and contrives to destroy the eggs or young.
  • But somehow or other, everyone persists in making fun of Paul, and contrives to play pranks and practical jokes upon him.
  • This preferment costs, at present, about eighty thousand francs, which the person chosen contrives to get refunded from the Greeks.
  • Again and again he contrives to invest some perfectly trifling and commonplace incident with an air of whimsicality, and by so doing to make it at once realistic and remote.
  • Tired of his service to Merlin, the demon contrives to have him meet the beautiful Viviane, with whom he falls in love.
  • The flatterer contrives to combine strict truth of fact with a vast atmosphere of awe and mystery by the simple operation of dealing almost entirely in negatives.
  • He loves to shake the lugubrious terrors of the past before you, exposing their hollow futility, and he contrives to create new fears for you magically while you are laughing at him.
  • There was a home look about it, too, such as nature sometimes contrives in uninhabited places, upon which the traveler lights with satisfaction and restful delight.
  • But he contrives to do so in such a way that I can take it only as the expression of his regret that I should be found to be standing in his way.
  • He is not soothed by the constant tenderness of a decent mother, who feels it a great duty to make him as good and happy as she can, and contrives to find time and thought for that object.
  • Somehow he contrives to look superior, as if he was conscious of the fact and proud of it; he cannot smile, or nod, or wink, but he can look superior.

Definition of Contrives

Third-person singular simple present indicative form of contrive
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