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  • And there was a chance of contriving this.
  • They went up, Mervyn contriving that the other should lead.
  • By your contriving Mademoiselle St. Clair was in hiding.
  • His wife however was wholly employed in contriving how to set him at liberty.
  • Lucifer contriving Adam's ruin.
  • Our three visitors left in a hurry, contriving to look devilish important.
  • Such a contriving and racking of brains as Polly and Ben set up after this!
  • Is anything, then, of God's contriving endangered by inquiry?

How To Use Contriving In A Sentence?

  • I know for all this that he is mighty fond of me, by his contriving me all sorts of pleasures.
  • A jack light ought to have a reflector, but the boys had no means of contriving one.
  • Why then, if the old gods were contriving it all, should she seek to steady the ark for them?
  • They went down the path again, Mervyn still contriving that his visitor should lead the way.
  • These days I spent in contriving how and in what manner I should fix my place of abode.
  • And first he joined the Latins to the Romans, contriving the matter in this fashion.
  • Certainly, the gods were contriving a spicy dish for the news-loving inhabitants of New York.
  • Then I arrest you both for concealing Prospector Tomlinson and contriving his escape.
  • I would not advise my readers to disturb themselves by contriving how they shall live without light and water.
  • You are a good boy to wish to cure yourself of such faults, and to be willing to help me in contriving ways to do it.
  • Many a harmless maid has she brought to ruin by contriving plots and events herself, and then pretending to foretell them.
  • The main difficulty of pantomime-writers at this time seems to have been the contriving of some new method of bringing harlequin upon the scene.
  • As a rule, the men are the bread-winners; but the careful saving and managing and contriving come from the women.
  • In Clerkenwell the demand is not so much for rude strength as for the cunning fingers and the contriving brain.
  • I 'am contriving a plan by which I shall get it from him at a tenth of its worth.
  • Hal would have been on his feet, contriving to get the noose loose or shifted in some way, and he would have been full of fight.
  • He brooded over the subject, made a great many experiments, and at last succeeded in contriving an improved apparatus.
  • We had no hope of contriving another meeting, for I had promised to bring her brother in the afternoon.
  • These delicate minds are ever contriving their own misery; and, from their exquisite sensibility, find out the method of refining on torture.
  • But, in that room, saurians, with titles as long as your arm, were contriving a cataclysm that was to exceed the deluge.
  • Their men of science, meanwhile, were devising improvements in the form of cable, and contriving fresh apparatus to facilitate its submersion.
  • He dressed, too, with remarkable taste, contriving always to appear the gentleman, yet not out of place in the wilderness.
  • This loss he repaired by ingeniously contriving one of gold, silver, and wax, which was said to bear a good resemblance to the original.
  • And I think I have reason to congratulate myself on contriving to surprise you twice within a few hours.
  • He finally decided to change his mode of going; and contriving a second little paddle, he embarked with Natalie.
  • Perhaps he is contriving a way to put poison in my water even though I am able to watch him when he draws me a drink....
  • He was always contriving something for her pleasure and comfort; but Maria, when her father laughed, regarded him with covert wonder and reproach.
  • I pursued similar tactics to those I had adopted in London, staying in the same hotel and yet contriving never to be seen by her.
  • They also prowled about the depths of the cellars, knowing every gloomy corner of them, and contriving to get through the most carefully locked gates.
  • It had been a fascinating occupation, planning and contriving and doing the work himself with no professional guidance, and only occasional extra labour to lift or move very heavy stones.
  • Friends and relations now began to search for one another in the crowd, which broke quickly into knots, each contriving how to enjoy together the plenty that was to descend upon them.
  • Eleanor shewed very poor skill for her part, at planning and contriving on this occasion; and she had a feeling that her opponent might have ended the game many a time if he had chosen it.

Definition of Contriving

present participle of contrive | The act of one who contrives.

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