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  • Traffic was controlled by telephone.
  • Maria was as yet not wholly controlled by herself.
  • These places and their people are controlled by him.
  • The action is now controlled by electricity.
  • Was it controlled by some invisible mechanism?
  • He found that institution controlled by priests.
  • The quantity of sound is controlled by the breath.
  • Both melody and harmony are controlled by rhythm.
  • Each month was also controlled by a zodiacal constellation.
  • She is afraid of nothing, and to be controlled by no one.
  • But He is controlled by a purpose.
  • The political department will be controlled by Hon.
  • The acts of both were controlled by what they believed to be the right.
  • Even the newspapers and radio are all controlled by the government.
  • These latter muscles can all be controlled by direct volition.
  • All social needs were controlled by political considerations.
  • Most of the symptoms are easily controlled by treatment if they are recognized.
  • These questions are generally controlled by the locality and circumstances.
  • We must remember that most men have been controlled by their surroundings.
  • If war were an instinctive reaction it might be controlled by reason.
  • On top of the machine were two reservoirs controlled by taps.
  • Both of the great political parties were controlled by greed and selfishness.
  • This world should be controlled by the living, not by the dead.
  • Whatever the power was, it was controlled by human intelligence.
  • He had nearly doubled by conquest the area controlled by his predecessors.
  • He found the ignorant many controlled by the cunning and cruel few.
  • Each great company will be known as controlled by one master mind.
  • It had two propellers, and these were controlled by chain transmission.
  • Above all, his mind must be permeated and controlled by common sense.

How To Use Controlled By In A Sentence?

  • It is a country governed by a dictator and controlled by revolutions and insubordination.
  • The speed of the engine is controlled by a centrifugal governor and an equilibrium valve.
  • These nerve centers are in their turn controlled by the central nervous mechanism.
  • The first of these bridges is controlled by the hook switch and is normally open.
  • The tendency to direct trading is naturally controlled by the exigencies of capital.
  • The activity of any power is very apt to alarm when that power is controlled by no intelligence.
  • Sterile water in aspirator jar with delivery nozzle controlled by a spring clip.
  • They detest it in theory only, for women are controlled by the instinct of the race.
  • Even milk is to a considerable degree controlled by butter imports in normal times.
  • Can the animal body be properly regarded as a machine controlled by mechanical laws?
  • With individual operations controlled by fallible men enormous waste is inevitable.
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