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  • Then with an effort he controlled himself and rose.
  • These places and their people are controlled by him.
  • Only by a great effort had he controlled himself.
  • Keith was the incarnation of controlled passion.
  • Conditions, however, controlled him.
  • In 1852 it made a controlled speed of about 5 m.p.h.
  • You were rich, you were powerful; none controlled you.
  • John Libro by a superhuman effort controlled himself.
  • This is the procedure ordinarily used for our controlled pollinations.
  • On top of the machine were two reservoirs controlled by taps.
  • The people were controlled almost entirely by signs and wonders.
  • It had two propellers, and these were controlled by chain transmission.
  • Each of the major united nations controlled their own special force of power.

How To Use Controlled In A Sentence?

  • The device was hooked up on a testing-room circuit and controlled from outside.
  • The tendency to direct trading is naturally controlled by the exigencies of capital.
  • Then his blood surged back; but he controlled himself and put by the insolence for the moment.
  • The result was that first one then the other controlled the lake; but they never met.
  • Is suicide controlled or affected by any natural laws, and, if so, by what laws?
  • It controlled both Houses of Congress, and was blessed with four years of peace and prosperity.
  • Elspie appeared to feel less than the others, but the truth was that she only controlled herself better.
  • Australia boldly adopts a protective tariff, and her parliament is only nominally controlled by the crown.
  • Orren shook the written prophesy in his hand and he returned to a steadier and more controlled way of speaking to his master.
  • Such canals as this are built by the capital of the country through which they pass, and are protected and controlled by its government.
  • The spirit of philanthropy animated his politics, and the doctrines of peace controlled his public policy.
  • It is commonly believed that bagging as well as emasculation may seriously affect the yield from controlled pollination.
  • The machines were controlled by computers that were really not computers at all, but the electronic analogues of living brains.
  • A single lever controlled the elevator and side flaps and there were radical bearings to take both side and end thrusts.
  • In like manner women are more easily controlled than men, and hence more capable of being magnetized than of magnetizing others.
  • In the final year, the religious societies openly confronted the politically controlled military, everywhere.
  • It is absurd, we say, to suppose that moral agents can be governed and controlled in any other way than by moral means.
  • On account of its location this route or trail could be easily controlled by the North in case of war.
  • He should've controlled Phoride and his life differently, he now began to think.
  • With an almost superhuman effort Molly controlled her face and choked back the laughter that bubbled up irrepressibly.
  • This Toemon was the chief of the guild which bought and controlled these unfortunate street-walkers, lowest of their class.
  • No one doubts, and no one denies, that the motions of the body are controlled by the volitions of the mind, or by some external force.
  • The line of attack I chose was that the land was a great public service that needed to be controlled on broad and far-sighted lines.
  • You have taxed and controlled the brewer and the publican until the outraged Liquor Interest has become a national danger.
  • Helene Spenceley was there; her voice had told him; but he took no account of that in the choking, blinding rage which now controlled him.
  • Of salaried places he controlled the appointment of General Pleasanton as commissioner of internal revenue, and of that only.
  • The evening was a pleasant one for Adelaide, being an earnest of the future for which, if she had not worked hard, she had controlled much.

Definition of Controlled

Inhibited or restrained in one's words and actions. | Resulting from a comparison with control samples. | (in combination) Under the control of the specified entity.
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