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  • Habit also exerts a controlling influence.
  • Stilton soon became the controlling spirit of our circle.
  • There is a controlling force over this tremendous bombardment.
  • They did not seem to be controlling them but only moving about among them.
  • The unity of this controlling thought is the glory of such inspiration.
  • How much easier is the true and natural method for controlling the young Will!
  • Mrs. Forrester, controlling her displeasure with some difficulty, interposed.
  • Mr. Stadmeyer and I have controlling interests and our views accord.
  • The other man's behind him, has paid him, and is controlling his actions.
  • Max wondered that Rene had such a faculty of controlling her father's actions.

How To Use Controlling In A Sentence?

  • It also has the function of controlling the format of information that is read or written on tape.
  • It was the dogged indomitable drive of spiritual forces controlling bodily forces.
  • There had to be some one to act as the controlling brain, to provide the will and the energy.
  • The controlling nervous system thus does not lose its powers till the very last.
  • Do the moral feelings exert a controlling influence over the principal functions of the system?
  • A faint hiss betokened the fact that the taps controlling the discharge tubes had been turned on.
  • I cannot say; but certainly once he was gone, she gave up all pretence of controlling her temper.
  • The pitch, loudness, and timbre of this tone depend upon various controlling causes.
  • Few of them found their way into the controlling financier class, which was largely Jewish.
  • The controlling motive of a farmer in performing his work and carrying on his business is the hope of material gain.
  • Already the operators, finding that the gas had been misdirected, had shut off the controlling valves.
  • But few circumstances modify the proper manner of taking food, or should exercise any controlling influence.
  • Among other factors controlling the rate of cure, special mention should be made of the nature and amount of coagulants.
  • Burton sank into a chair, and the workings of his face revealed the terrible emotion he was controlling and the shock he had received.
  • Such men themselves ask for one-man management, because the work of controlling a factory is not a school for the backward.
  • But consciousness, after it had once made its appearance, became a controlling factor in the development of the machine.
  • Katharine might have been seated in her own drawing-room, controlling a situation which presented no sort of difficulty to her trained mind.
  • In considering the questions here suggested, we must never lose sight of the fact that the controlling element is economy.
  • Finally some Serbian officers came up who succeeded somewhat in controlling their impatient troops.
  • The organism is one life, controlling difference: and it is also one by our effort to comprehend it.
  • The mind is free because it possesses a power of acting, over which there is no controlling power, either within or without itself.
  • It has entered into each municipal, literary, and social question, almost with a controlling voice.
  • The moral feelings exert a controlling influence over the functions of the muscular, digestive, and respiratory organs.
  • With three women at the table, he habitually took charge of the dinner, controlling the menu and the decorations as well.
  • But the Khedive has the controlling interest, you know, and he's rather a ticklish customer.
  • After trying various methods of controlling shipping, the Admiralty now believes the best policy to be one of dispersion.
  • But they would not hear the people who at the present moment were actually controlling European Russia.
  • They therefore sat silent, Denham controlling his desire to say something abrupt and explosive, which should shock her into life.
  • And, in similar vein, Critias explained popular belief in the gods as the invention of some crafty statesman for controlling the mob through fear.
  • Then, controlling herself, she dismissed the servants who stood around, weeping, and led Marie to her room.

Definition of Controlling

Exerting control over a person or thing. | present participle of control | The act of exerting control.
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