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  • Into this region of controversy we cannot enter.
  • Our first controversy was in 1846.
  • And controversy may be of two kinds.
  • But the controversy would not have ended with the war.
  • I had quite a controversy with Lambert after the sitting.
  • But this is not the place to exhaust a controversy of this kind.
  • But she was already on the way to report the controversy to her husband.
  • She enters into no controversy with him, but shuts the book and puts it away.
  • This is a controversy for which, were men wise, there would be no need.
  • When the controversy was settled Miss Alice slipped off to gild the lily.
  • Craig's works on the calculus brought him into controversy with them.
  • Keep a cool head, dear boy, and don't be drawn into controversy just yet.
  • The controversy thus opened came to an end only with Mr. Conkling's death.

How To Use Controversy In A Sentence?

  • Theologians have added in recent days a new subject of controversy to this vexed matter.
  • Hence, though each demolishes the other, neither is convinced, and the controversy still rages.
  • Owing to the controversy raised by one of his sermons, Convocation was suspended for 150 years.
  • The controversy was conducted upon the theory that the Territories were under the Constitution.
  • I assumed that Mr. Blaine would close the controversy at the first opportunity.
  • I read histories, travel, popular science and controversy with particular zest, and I loved maps.
  • De Laet also had a learned controversy with Grotius on the origin of the American races.
  • Would there now be any controversy over the authorship of the world's greatest dramas?
  • Instead of this there began a new controversy on the question of "armed merchantmen.
  • It does not belong to the controversy between me and my people, how particular or large the profession should be that is required.
  • Many are the variations that have been made on this self-soldering idea, and there has been much controversy as to its desirability.
  • It is the opinion of intelligent physicians who are not parties to this controversy that the experiment which failed in 1846 would succeed now.
  • This clause did not serve the purpose for which it was intended, and a heated controversy at once arose as to the meaning of the language employed.
  • This religious war is not a controversy between sect and sect, as formerly, but a war against all sects and all religions.
  • There was a controversy about the revelations made in this work; but as the eccentric anomalies took no part in it, there is nothing for my purpose.
  • In fact, any controversy may be declared by either party, at will, to be a question of national honor.
  • The controversy over the "armed merchantmen" had a prologue which could only be described as a comedy of errors, were the matter not so serious.
  • It is no part of my purpose to recount in detail the long, though generally dispassionate, controversy to which these reforms gave rise.
  • The controversy has raged, however, to such an extent that many who are not directly engaged in estate practice have obtained confused impressions.
  • It has sometimes been said that Kant settled this controversy between the old departments of philosophy and the new branches of science.
  • If anybody shall imagine that this is a work of religious controversy leveled at the Adventists, he will have wholly mistaken my meaning.
  • The excitement that the Arminian controversy had excited in England would sufficiently account for the prohibition.
  • This point must not be lost sight of in the controversy as to the origin and date of the story of Dionysus Zagreus.
  • The controversy between Congress and the President led to many removals of collectors of customs and of internal revenue.
  • At the end of my article there is a summary by propositions which contains declarations that were outside of the controversy with Mr. Douglas.
  • The total of production and consumption cannot be affected seriously by a political controversy that does not extend usually, over a period of more than three months.
  • The controversy with Mr. Johnson had its origin in the difference of opinion as to the nature of the Government.

Definition of Controversy

A debate, discussion of opposing opinions; strife.
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