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  • Bob laughingly called it the convalescent home.
  • The boy whirled to his convalescent brother.
  • That night the sleep of the convalescent was troubled.
  • The convalescent patients thoroughly enjoyed the evening.
  • When convalescent his doctor ordered him a sea-voyage.
  • I heard they'd some convalescent war heroes as guests.
  • In another chapter read the wonderful menu of the convalescent hospital.
  • The reaction had been too sudden and violent for such a convalescent as I was.
  • It drove me, barely convalescent from mental collapse, to distraction.
  • The bright story of the Convalescent Hospital appears in another place.
  • In the afternoon, she paid a visit to the Convalescent Hospital.
  • There are also two convalescent homes, one at Barnet and one at Brighton.
  • Thankful stepped to the sofa whereon lay the convalescent Major Van Zandt.
  • In fact, Trent Park was turned into a convalescent home, with Eve in command.
  • When convalescent I was ordered to the Invalid Camp at Alexandria, Va.
  • Read these, now, when you're tending this convalescent boy-hero of yours.

How To Use Convalescent In A Sentence?

  • She was scarcely convalescent when all my three children were at once attacked with smallpox.
  • The little convalescent and the arctic explorer shook hands with great solemnity.
  • The sick and the convalescent recline upon their beds, and there is a hush in the long chambers.
  • For the first time he talked to the convalescent Frenchmen at some length of themselves.
  • Accordingly, eggs and a piece of beefsteak were prepared, and given to the convalescent girl.
  • The sick and convalescent were removed, and Iola obtained a position as a teacher.
  • One of his first questions when he became convalescent was addressed to Belle Quest.
  • The Convalescent Hospital was the best place, bar none, in Russia, to eat in winter of 1918-19.
  • From the Secretary of a Convalescent Hospital, applying for Expenses of Patients.
  • During the war of 1755 he was employed in returning convalescent soldiers to the army and in arresting deserters.
  • She was silenced, if not wholly convinced; and when she spoke again it was of the convalescent assistant.
  • When she became convalescent and had recovered her consciousness, we avoided the subject and did not refer to it for some time.
  • The last new barracks has been built with a special view towards housing convalescent or delicate persons.
  • He was convalescent from low fever: that dread disease which has taken the place of ague in the country.
  • So the American soldiers at last got their own receiving hospital and their own convalescent hospital.
  • The latter's back turned, the convalescent promptly started to disregard his final injunction.
  • In fact, you delay doing so till some strong-minded friend or other goes boldly forward and shakes the convalescent by the hand.
  • He had come to bring some message from the convalescent August, and had been detained by the attraction of adhesion.
  • As soon as this low fever of the spirit was over, there was a convalescent hospital to go to, where it might recover its original tone and vigor.
  • This time she brought biscuits and cakes for the convalescent patients, her gifts being, as usual, gratefully received.
  • And, funnily enough, just as we got close to the village we came upon a little party of the convalescent children going a walk.
  • See the picture of the stove and the pie coming out of the oven in the American convalescent hospital in Archangel.
  • Tommy Dott and the second lieutenant remained on board, and were both convalescent before we entered the Channel.
  • With these exceptions all the details required for the care and maintenance of the hospital were furnished by men selected from the convalescent patients.

Definition of Convalescent

recovering one's health and strength after a period of illness | of convalescence or convalescents | A person recovering from illness.
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